Malaga, prachtige stad aan de Costa del sol

Remember part 1 of Dy’s adventure at the Costa del Sol? If not, read all about it here. And now it’s time for part 2. Where we visit Malaga and the beautiful area. 


Hotel Los Monteros | Visit Malaga
Oh my, this 5-star hotel is one of the most elegant and renown hotels of Marbella. It has 173 rooms and a dozen of luxury villas. Many celebrities have spend the night, including Michael Jackson, Julio Iglesias, Sean Connery and Antonio Banderas. Their beach club, La Cabane, was among the first to be inaugurated in the world and a pioneer on the Costa del Sol. Very suitable for golf lovers and it is just 5 minutes away from the old town and promenade of Marbella. Oh and the rooms… Mine was so beautiful, with its 2 floors and great service. What a pleasure to stay in this hotel !

Restaurante Santiago | Visit Malaga
After an evening-stroll through the cute old town of Marbella, Restaurante Santiago is a must try. This traditional restaurant, founded in 1958 by Santiago Domínguez, serves the best fish and shellfish of Spain. Santiago is known as one of the most important culinary points in the Spanish geography. The common way to describe this place is: “if you go to Marbella and you have not been to Santiago, you haven’t experience the true ambiance of the city“. I can tell you, it’s true.


Ronda | Visit Malaga
The provence of Malaga offers so many lovely attractions. Like Ronda, a village in the Spanish province of Málaga, located about 100 kilometers west of the city of Málaga, with a population of approximately 35,000. People’s love for Ronda might have something to do with the 25.000 year old cave paintings in the “Cueva del Gato” and “Cueva de la Pileta”, a through caverns and underground passages, shaped habitat. It’s a fascinating village and we are not the only one thinking that. Even in the early morning the town is very crowded. You’ll understand why though, after you see the beautiful monuments and sights like; The Town Hall, Puente Nuevo (“New Bridge”), Plaza de Toros, Church Santa María La Mayor, Palacio de Mondragón and Baños Arabes. It’s really a must to visit, this historic village with her impressive sights and breath-taking views.

However, Ronda isn’t all about history and culture, it is also home to some fantastic wineries. Like Bodegas Joaquin Fernández, located at Finca Los Frutales. It all begins with the viticultural tradition of Puente Genil, Córdoba, where Joaquin Fernandez is coming from. The Vineyard atmosphere traps and charms him to pursue the idea of making his own draft winery. But it is not until he discovers the area of the Serranía de Ronda, with its past and its wine climatic peculiarities. Joaquin Fernandez finds it in “Fruits Farm Finca” the perfect place he always had in mind. And yeah, after some (maybe a little bit too many) wines and a delicious homemade lunch I can agree. And afterwards it’s time (again) for siesta in the car while we head back to Marbella.


Puerto Banús | Visit Malaga
It’s one of the largest entertainment areas in the Costa del Sol, with 5 million annual visitors, among which many international celebrities. Nothing but large yachts and expensive shopping malls, bars and restaurants. Like Restaurante El Gran Gatsby, were we enjoyed an amazing dinne. This restaurant turns into a lounge bar at night and offers amazing views of the port. And what aboutRooftop Bar Fuerte Miramar? There is no better place for a good sunset. Don’t forget to dress up, because Puerto Banús equals fancy.

Málaga invested a lot in marketing and tourist attractions in the past years, and it’s paying off. People no longer see the city only suited for a day trip. It has become one of the most popular cities to spend your holidays. Playing catch-up with places like Barcelona and Rome. And I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed.


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