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You’ve already met Roxana on several occasions here on GirlsLove2Travel. But just to be sure: Meet Roxana. A traveler and gastronome from Sydney, who works as a blogger at and is a freelance Sydney tour guide. And she’s writing for us, obviously;) 

To all my fellow hopeless romantics and those of you who do not shy away from celebrating love, one of our most prized and cherished holidays is approaching fast and it is the perfect opportunity to do something really special for your significant other. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to step out of the ordinary routine of appreciation, so this year my husband and I decided to renew our vows. While planning the exotic getaway, I came across the most wonderful places a couple could retreat to and I couldn’t resist to share it with you all. If you are looking to elope with your love to a magical place for a couple of days – look no further – these destinations will melt your heart away.

Paris, France | Romantic getaways
The city of l’amour is the obvious first choice. Mesmerizing landmarks spell a rich history, invaluable works of art are to be found not only in museums but in the narrow, steep streets, the river Seine has heard plenty of “Je t’aime”, many famous and secret hideaways await to seclude giggles and whispers of the most romantic at heart.

Romantic getaway paris

Edinburgh, Scotland | Romantic getaways
The Scottish city of castles is a magnificent place to have your special picnic! This bewitching city has many treats to offer, from dining at the very first Vietnamese restaurant, over climbing up the hill of Arthur’s Seat, to just strolling along the breath-taking Edinburgh castle and making some of your most prized memories.

Bora-Bora, Tahiti | Romantic getaways
If you are searching for a tropical journey, like myself, then the absolute favorite is the secluded islands of Bora-Bora. Dreamy white sand beaches, cobalt lagoons, volcanic mountains and rainforests – all on one magical island. You can chose either inland resorts or, if your salary allows it, overwater bungalows which are a perfect accommodation for eager lovebirds.

Cancun, Mexico | Romantic getaways
The Yucatan peninsula is the home of this warm gem. Year round warm weather, astounding color palettes of the Caribbean Sea, champagne colored beaches and welcoming locals. Cancun’s Mayan Riviera holds many hotels to choose from and all of them have special arrangements just waiting for celebratory couples.

Honolulu, Hawaii | Romantic getaways
The Aloha islands seem like a safe choice for honeymoons and such getaways. It offers a wide range of activities from the almost cliché dinners at sunset to adventurous celebration of love like snorkeling, surfing and even shark diving. Whatever you choice may be, Hawaii’s nature will make you fall in love not only with the islands but with your chosen one as well (like that was even necessary, right?).

Sydney - romantic getaways

This is only the top of the bill and whichever destination you chose – you can’t go wrong. However I have definitely made my choice: since the Land Down Under was always our favorite daydream hideaway, we decided to renew our vows on the enchanting Long Reef Beach at the waterfront wedding venue in Sydney. Long Reef Beach is not that heard off among tourists, but is actually very popular with the locals. I got amazing recommendations for the venues and it is just a shy away from the lovely Dee Why Lagoon. I know I made the right choice just as I did not that many years ago with my hubby when I told him “I do” for the first time.


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