Wadi-Rum, Jordan| camping with bedouins

“The best thing about Jordan?” The voice of our Bedouin host fills up the quiet desert. “That we maintain a safe and solid country amidst all chaos.” His answer echoes towards the thousand stars. Shortly before, I asked him about the best part of his country. I was referring to a travel tip, especially for you, a hidden gem, a future attraction still undiscovered. I got something much better: a piece of his love for Jordan.


Jordan, safe haven
Maybe it was the special setting in the middle of the desert. We sat around a crackling campfire, only surrounded by sand, rocks, stars and our tents. His words touched me deeply. Yes, Jordan –surrounded by rural regions Israel, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia- is the safe haven of this area. And that makes the country not particularly popular with travellers. Such a shame because Jordan a diamond waiting to be discovered.

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Back to Basic
Do you prefer the luxury life? Suck it up:) A night (or more) in Wadi-Rum (Wadi means desert) is something you really don’t want to miss. It’s nickname “Moon Valley” is given for a reason. Yes, it’s basic. Yes, there may be a little beetle crawling through your tent (tip: use your mosquito net). And yes, you go from one culture shock -lots Bedouin women wear burka’s- in the other -the men can marry four women (but often do not because it’s a lot of work … :) #whatsnew. My experience taught me that everyone is super respectful and the vibe is very relaxed.


Sleeping under the stars
You sleep in a tent camp set up in the shadow of a mountain. You eat while sitting on the ground. The bread –made while you sit there, by the aunt of this family, in her burka, who’s laughing and talking trough her mobile phone the whole time- is better than any bread you’ve ever eaten. It’s so dark that the Milky Way lights the dessert. The Bedouins lovingly call it the compass of the dessert. And when you get tired, you can either go to your tent or simply drag your matrass towards the campfire and fall asleep under the stars.


Watch the sun rise over the sand
Starting around 5:00AM, the sun slowly begins to rise. Great moment to wake-up and walk in the dessert (with head lamp and fellow travellers!), climb a rock and wait for the sun to rise a create that deep red glow over the dessert. Simply perfect!


On a sand safari
As soon as sun is up, and you have eaten your breakfast, it’s time to jump into a cool jeep and fly over the dunes. Wind in your hair. Overlooking the yellow sand that looks like a floating sea in front of you. Here and there you see camel or goat hoarders. Wherever you look, you see huge rocks tall als buildings. Many rocks are nicely carved or painted and every few kilometres a new Bedouin camp rises at the horizon.


It was magical! Have you ever been in a desert?


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  • DeniseM schreef:

    Wauw, mooie foto’s! Jordanië staat al heel lang op mijn lijstje. Het lijkt me geweldig! Ik heb wel heel veel omringende landen en landen in de buurt bezocht (Turkije, Syrië, Libanon, Egypte en Israël), maar Jordanië nog steeds niet.
    En wat je vraag betreft: ja, in Marokko ben ik in de woestijn geweest (ook overnacht), in Spanje (ja, die heeft er ook één) en Venezuela (dat verwacht je ook al niet, maar is echt zo). In Tunesië ook 2 x geweest, maar nog niet naar de woestijn, dus daar ga ik zeker nog eens naar terug!

  • Margriet schreef:

    Nee, nog nooit in de woestijn geweest. En nooit gedacht, maar nu staat Jordanië toch onverwacht op mijn lijstje. Prachtige foto’s en boeiende beschrijving.

  • Mandy schreef:

    Waaaaanzinnig mooi. Ik was al verknocht aan Jordanië toen ik Laura erover hoorde (onder het genot van een kop Bedouïn Tea) maar nu nog meer. Thanks for sharing Vi!

  • Nanda schreef:

    Prachtig! Ik weet het weer, had wel plaatjes gekeken, maar nog niet gelezen. Schitterend! En relatief dichtbij!

  • Linda schreef:

    Wat mooi! Gave ervaring. Ik heb in de Western Desert van Egypte een woestijntrip gemaakt, 6 nachtjes, hoe magisch. Woestijn is alles behalve saai!

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