Meet GirlsLove2Travel

Cool that you’re curious about GirlsLove2Travel! We are Fiek, Manon & Vi. Totally different in character, similar in our passion: we ? 2 travel!
On a daily basis, we write about our travel adventures. Sometimes together. Sometimes with others. Sometimes alone.

Who are we?


‘Sweetheart’ Fiek
This girl -who recently moved to Newcastle- comes in a sweet package. Anyone who thinks she’s just a pretty face can think again. Fiek listens to gangster rap, drives a flashy red car and can be so straightforward she even surprises herself sometimes. Her travels focus on comfort, culinary delights and sportive action. Sometimes with a clumsy twist. She easily hits herself in the head with a paddle #truestory


‘Busy Bee’ Manon
This sporty lady – with Brazilian roots – says exactly what she thinks. She is made for the sun, has rhythm flowing through her veins and and is just as excited about exploring bounty destinations as isolated areas. Travelling with her backpack or a luxury resort, Manon feels at home everywhere. She enjoys every minute of life and seduces you to take on the greatest adventures. But beware: if you misbehave, she will come and get you! #truestory


‘Dare Devil’ Vi
This chick -with her ??long dark hair- has balls. If Vi puts her mind to something, nothing can stop her. Parachuting, the world’s most dangerous mountain-bike trail, eating cobra. She loves the thrill! Recently she found herself a new adventure: raising her little travel boy Yale. As adventurous as she is, she can also be surprisingly neurotic. Vi is addicted to lists and likes structure, in her own way. If you’re not paying attention she sorts your stuff by color. #truestory

We believe that in order to live, we must travel. 

The world is our playground.