Paradise at Koh Mook

In January it was already 5 years ago since the last time I travelled to Thailand. My babe and I went there because we were facing a very rough period. To charge our batteries for what was coming and to enjoy each others company we decided to go to the Thai sun for a few weeks.

Last January we returned to Thailand. This time together with my parents. It was a wonderful trip and slightly emotional trip. The closure of the most difficult time of my life so far.

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Koh Mook
Sometimes I hear people say that Thailand isn’t what it’s supposed to be anymore. I get  what they’re saying, because nowadays you have to look very hard to find the real gems. Far away from party islands like Koh Phi Phi or Koh Phangan.

Koh Mook1
We found exactly such a gem in the south of the Andaman sea: Koh Mook. On of the few still authentic Thai islands. No cars, pushy salesmen or noisy nightlife. Here you walk on sandy roads and lie on deserted beaches. All the ingredients for total relaxation.

Thailand Koh Mook boatOn the long tail boat to the island the wind plays with my hair. When I see the island looming in the distance a wave of intents happiness goes through my body. Hidden behind my sunglasses I swallow away a tear. It’s so good to be back!

Koh Mook Sivalai beach resort
There is one small village on the island with mostly low budget accommodations. For a bit more luxury resorts are the better option. Book in advance because there are only a few resorts on the island many and they are small. Our cottage is a romantic bungalow in Sivalai Beach resort. Dazzlingly beautiful situated at the tip of the island. I had read that they call this part of the island the Maldives of Thailand and that’s no lie. It’s bounty with a big fat capital B. From our cottage we directly step into the snow-white sand and dive into the azure blue sea. Never wanna go home …

Koh Mook foodEat
Food in Thailand can’t go wrong. Like sushi, I can eat Thai food every day. It’s easy to eat at the resort, but it’s actually more fun to go to the village. And much cheaper :) The living room style restaurants packed with locals serve top quality food. Oh and the juices! Freshly squeezed juices. Love it!

Koh Mook drinks
What to do
For partying you’re at the wrong island. Everything here is tranquilo. Enjoy the peace and finally read the book that’s been waiting for you for months. But of course you don’t only have to stay at your resort.

Rent a longtail boat to the surrounding islands. The underwater world is surprisingly beautiful with large groups of fish and colorful coral.

Thailand Koh Mook 19
#Had Farang beach
You find this beautiful beach on the other side of the island. It’s a half an hour walk. If you’re too tired to walk back just grab a tuktuk back for 50 bath pp. Go for a lunch at Dada Restaurant on the cliff on the right side of the beach. The view is breathtaking.

#Emerald Cave
Through a 85 meter long underwater tunnel you swim into a lagoon which is surrounded by limestone rocks. Swimming in the dark cave is a little bit scary, but you don’t wanna miss out on what’s at the end of the tunnel.

Thailand Koh Mook 07
#Bar William
Dutch guy William came to Koh Mook 7 years ago and found his paradise here. He opened his own beach bar and is open every year from November to April. You really have to stop here for a drink or 2:)

Koh Mook3
How to get there
From Amsterdam it takes you 11 hours to fly directly to Bangkok. There you take the taxi to Don Muang airport for a 1 hour flight to Trang. At the airport you can arrange a taxi van to the pier where longtail boats sail to Koh Mook.

Thailand Koh Mook 25
Koh Mook we had an amazing time! You’ve been so good for us. We’re still talking about you, almost every day! I would almost break my rule to not go to the same place for a second time. Luckily the bounty fun isn’t over yet. Our next destination is Koh Ngai. So stay tuned …


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