11 Reasons to explore Edmonton | Canada

Before I visited this awesome Canadian city in the Alberta region, I never realized how much it deserves to be on your itinerary when you decide to explore Canada. That’s why today I share what I love about this place so much, that I need to return in the future! According to Canadians this is ‘The Festival city of Canada’ according to me, it’s so much more! Meet Edmonton:

# You’re there before you know it
I was actually surprised when I found out the flight -all the way to Canada- was shorter than my average working day. Eight hours it took before I set foot on Canadian ground (for the first time!). Don’t let the serious looks on the faces at costoms fool you, these people are fun!


# Great Architecture
The mix of old, new and modern is stunning. The authentic wooden houses with cute verandas are completely different than the government buildings or futuristic musea. So much to see <3.


# It’s festival heaven!
This city has several festivals every weekend. Really: EVERY! So check their website for upcoming events and choose whatever you like. We went to Fringe Festival and since I’ve seen video footage of the winter festivals with snow castles, illuminated sculptures and buildings, I can’t wait to return!

FringeFestivalEdmonton3# Mountainbike tracks go right through the city
So you can ride for miles and miles (off road and on-) along the water, amid trees with the views of the skyline. It’s amazing, like a never ending Central Park. Be aware of the hills though, going down hill is FUN of course but remember you have to go up as well (speaking from personal experience here;)

exploreedmonton3exploreedmonton4# They brew their own beer
And is ROCKS! You know those cute boutique hotels that have character and personality? Well Situation is a boutique brewery (without being girly:). The owner brewed beer at home for a long time and now he’s living his dream. Great place, awesome beers (and I don’t really care for beers:) charismatic owner (he had me at Hello *blush*). GO.THERE.NOW!

exploreedmonton17# It’s a new destination
Have you ever seen YouTube videos of talents who enter a competition like ‘Americas got Talent’? They are amazing and don’t realize how good they are. That’s the vibe I sometimes got here. People are so used to what they have, that they forget how fortunate they are with their city en what a wonderful time outsiders can have here. It comes with hilarious situations as well: the men at customs thought it was suspicious I was traveling by my self, staying a week and not visiting friends here so I got some serious interrogations on my way in;) Let me tell you something Edmonton, you might not realize it yet, but you’re damn hot.

exploreedmonton11# The great outdoors starts right outside the city
Grab a car, start driving and you find yourself the most stunning nature you’ve ever seen. Exactly those pictures you see from award winning photographers in international magazines only now you see them with your own eyes. Don’t forget to take as much mental pictures as possible, it’s breath taking.  And if you’re lucky, you might see ‘The Northern Lights’ right from your hotel. Edmonton is one of the few cities where you can experience it!

exploreedmonton22 exploreedmonton15

# The food variety
I’ve visited many cities where you need to know locals to find those amazing restaurants, here there are so many authentic good en fun places one week actually was to short. I made a list of favorites that are worth the visit:)

restaurants-in-edmonton-13restaurants-in-edmonton-15# Edmonton is home to the biggest mall of North America
Crazy (I mean craaaaaaaaaaaayze) big mall with so much to do you can spend days in there. With a toddler and a boyfriend who’s not at all in to shopping, this is the perfect spot for me… I drop them of at the waterpark, the theme park or the gaming hall and have some time for myself

exploreedmonton7# The ‘let’s get active vibe’ is so uplifting
Maybe it’s because the locals appreciate the summer months -and the possibility to sport outdoor- so much. Maybe they just love to get active. Wherever I looked, I saw people running, biking, kayaking and all I wanted was to join them!

exploreedmonton19 exploreedmonton2# A great city is made by awesome citizens!
My time in Edmonton was especially nice because of all the people I met. Those who showed us around, perfect strangers in the streets who ended up sharing their food with me and alle the people at markets, bars and restaurants who lovingly shared their favorite -often hidden- gems with me. It’s the people who are the icing on the cake here.


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