Edmonton Fringe Festival | Where Smiles and Sketches meet

Somewhere, somehow I had heard of it. No clue what lay ahead.
Until I arrived. I fell in love head over heals and now I want to go back…
Edmonton Fringe Festival ROCKED!

It’s the place where art, culture, music and theater come together. A melting pot of culture and creativity. Where you are entertained for twelve days by the most diverse artists. Their stories are funny, sad or controversial, with fans coming from all over the world. The long lines of people waiting outside the venues tell you this is serious business. Almost two weeks long, this event takes over a part of the city. What a incredible adventure: meet Edmonton Finge Festival!


Cultural adventures
Wherever you look, there’s something fun going on. Musicians on every corner of the street. Parks are suddenly home of fire-eaters, sword swallowers and other performers. These are not just hobbyists, they are pure pros here to entertain you. Because only the best are allowed at ‘Fringe’. For 35 years Edmonton has been building this festival and the biggest Fringe fans plan their ideal program (that visits as many performances as possible) weeks in advance. It’s a lifestyle. A cultural adventure for all ages, where visiting one days simply isn’t enough. And it’s awesome.


Festival of smiles (and sketches)
I believe the best way to reveil the DNA of a city is through its inhabitants. So I dove straight into their world. While wandering around, talking to ‘perfect strangers’ I noticed that wherever I arrived,  I was always welcomed with a smile. Such a fun and warm vibe going on. Add the amazing shows and sketches (I loved loved LOVED: “God was a Scottish Drag Queen ‘and’ Scratch‘) and Edmonton Fringe Festival just might be the most uplifting festival in the world.

In case you’re still wondering if you should go next year, These photos might help you!

“The best adventures create memories that put a smile on your face for a lifetime.”


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