Best restaurants in Newcastle upon Tyne

I’ve been living in Newcastle for over 1,5 year now and really had to get used to the English food culture. Most of the local delicacies are deep fried and fine dining is really just starting to come up. Still, there are some great restaurants out there and of course I’ve tested each and every one of them… Here’s a list of the best restaurants in Newcastle.

Peace and Loaf | Best restaurants in Newcastle upon Tyne
It’s founded by a Masterchef finalist. And that is as tasty as it sounds, but also gave the restaurant some fame. A saturday night reservation can therefor be a little hard to get. Once you get in though, it is definitely worth the wait. Star quality food, with star quality looks and a menu that changes almost every month.

Cafe 21 | Best restaurants in Newcastle upon Tyne
When walking by it doesn’t seem like much of a restaurant. The lights are a little bright and the crowd a little old, but once you get in and have a closer look it’s actually very nice. They serve a great steak tartare and their oysters are superb. A little dimmer would make it even better, but that’s just details, right…

House of Tides | Best restaurants in Newcastle upon Tyne
The one and only Michelin star restaurant in the city. House of Tides has the coolest chef (Kenny Atkinson) and serves great food. You start with an aperitif in the downstairs area which has a great atmosphere with its brick walls, fireplace and robust furniture. After that you move to the upstairs dining area. This is more cosy, but still has the same countryside feel to it. The menu is filled with chef’s specialties and they are specialties for a reason! Only downside? The fact there is only a set menu and this menu doesn’t change that often.

best restaurants in newcastle | six baltic

Six Baltic | Best restaurants in Newcastle upon Tyne
This restaurant would be a recommendation even if the food was bad. The view just makes everything better. You’re on the Gateshead side of the Tyne overlooking most of Newcastle while enjoying great food. They recently changed the menu, canceling some favorites like the lobster and fillet steak, but the food is still tasty and pretty as well. As is the afternoon tea by the way…

Bistro Hotel du Vin | Best restaurants in Newcastle upon Tyne
This place is perfect for wine lovers. They have a wine book instead of a simple list, offer tastings and can make some good pairing recommendations. The food is nice, although maybe not star quality like some of the above. Still the atmosphere is good and well… I like wine;)

Artisan | Best restaurants in Newcastle upon Tyne
Located in the bisquit factory (an art hall), this restaurant is very artsy. As is the food. Every dish on the menu is special. What may seem like just an ordinary steak, is plated in a really great way and tastes amazing. The place might come across a bit cold, but if you bring a nice crowd it’ll be a great night. I promise…

Aveika | Best restaurants in Newcastle upon Tyne
There never was a good asian fusion restaurant in Newcastle. Until recently. Because then Aveika came to town. Located on the Quay side this new restaurant fills up the sushi gap. Finally we can go out for some decent maki’s! Aveika really is a night out. The place is divided in a restaurant area and a club. So after a good meal you can dance it all off.


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