With the quote by St Augustine in mind “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page”, I started packing. I am from Australia and I have always wanted to visit Greece, the cradle of western civilization. This time, my stop was Rhodes. Since I am going to spend 20 amazing days there, I bring a host of cosmetic products as I pack for myself and my hubby John.


Any rituals when packing your travel bags?
As an experienced traveler, I always try to pack lightly. It is not easiest thing to do, especially when you love fashion. So my packing ritual begins with taking all clothes out of my wardrobe. Next, I start mixing and matching various pieces. I try to make some versatile combinations. I also tend to pack neutral-coloured items so that I can easily transform an outfit with a new item. When I am done, I make a list of clothes on my phone. Then the hardest thing comes: stick to the list no matter what!

What do your bags look like?
I think that a medium-sized suitcase is a good choice for a 20-day trip. I chose a grey suitcase, the combination of elegance and sport style. It is super light with many compartments. The best thing when it comes to this suitcase is a large compartment outside for my laptop. I also left some extra space as I heard from my friend that Rhodes is famous for unforgettable shopping experience.


What is a necessity to bring on a trip, fashion wise?
My perfect summer outfit consists of a crop top, denim shorts and fab sunglasses. I love lace crop tops as they can be worn with almost any piece. Generally, I always pack a pair of walking shoes when I sightsee as being comfortable is my primary concern. I also tend to pack a comfy hoodie and skinny pants. When it comes to bathing suits, as you will see in photos, I love mixing and matching bottoms and tops. The printed bottoms and solid-coloured tops is my favorite combo.

What is in your toiletry bag?
Apart from basics including a shampoo, a body wash, a face wash and a sunscreen cream, I do not finish packing without my top favorites: Altermed Panthenol Forte 6% Body butter perfect for regenerating sensitive skin after sun exposure and Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment. This treatment offers UV protection from sun damage and makes my hair frizz-free. Just what I need for boiling hot days on the beach. When it comes to make-up, natural look is what I usually opt for. A foundation, a bronzer and a few shades of lipstick and eyeshadows are all I need. Though, I don’t actually use the foundation when on a summer vacay, but I always have to have it by my side.


What do you put in your hand luggage?
My hand luggage includes my e-reader, a lipstick, a mascara, moist paper tissue, headphones and a wireless charger.

What do you wear on the plane?
There are some basic rules I follow, and they are there for a reason. I always wear light and stretchy trousers and comfortable shoes. I also love layering clothes. Not only is this chic, but sometimes it is cold on the plane and layering is ideal for those times you are not sure what to wear. Plus it leaves some extra space in the suitcase!

Do you bring anything to remind you of home?
I always bring my journal where I write about all the details from my trips, so I could have them all safely stored somewhere. It might be old school but I still think it’s the best way of preserving memories, and it comes in handy for the next blog I write, as I tend to forget the small details sometimes. Especially if a margarita or two were involved in the process (just kidding)!

Do you have any other advice for travel girls?
I do have many but the most important one I want to share is: BE SMART WHEN YOU TRAVEL! This applies to a lot of things, but I primarily mean money wise. If you want to travel a lot you have to stay on top of your budget, and as technology develops, it has become easier than ever to do so. My personal life saver is this travel expense management app. It goes without saying that this app saved my budget a limitless number of times. It has a lot of useful features, including managing your travel expenses by collecting them from a credit card, automatically tracking your miles for gas expensing as well as finding fun places to visit, nearby restaurants and cafes. It can even find you some good flight deals. I warmly recommend this app, or a similar one of your choice, there are loads of them in your app store.


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