The Ultimate Sydney Tour Guide

You’ve already met Roxana on several occasions here on GirlsLove2Travel. But just to be sure: Meet Roxana. A traveler and gastronome from Sydney, who works as a blogger at and is a freelance Sydney tour guide. And she’s writing for us, obviously;) ♥Fiek

Are you looking for a hedonistic getaway holiday, with rich foods and authentic local drinks to indulge yourself with? Would you like to visit a place with diverse and fascinating cultural background and very unique and preserved wildlife? Don’t dwell another second because Sydney is the place for you! The famous Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge are surely monumental, but what if I told you Sydney has more hidden gems to discover? Here’s a short bucket list of alternative sightseeing for our Aussie beauty.


Food Mecca | Ultimate Sydney Tour Guide
Last year, The Australian magazine published a list of the hottest 50 restaurants in Australia and Sydney and Melbourne were at the top of the chart. The dining scene is getting to be pretty competitive as more and more places focus on a fragmented approach to creating menus, thus resulting in diverse and significant dishes you simply have to try.

A must-see pallet sensation is certainly LuMi – a weird-sounding but exquisite-tasting blend of Italian and Japanese cuisine, led by Chef Federico Zanellato and his wife and Sommelier, Michela. You should try their signature ravioli filled with a gruyère “soup” – it’s out of this world. My personal favorite is the Bentley bar&restaurant with its delightful charred beef tartar. Both places offer 8 course tasting menus for all those who can’t decide what flavor to go with. Bone marrow is a total trend that I’m personally loving right now and the best place to eat it is Four in Hand Dining Room. A must try!

Craft beer heaven | Ultimate Sydney Tour Guide
After having dinner in some of the world’s greatest restaurants, it’s time to hit the town out for some drinks – and what better drinks do they serve in Sydney than those brewed locally?! The brewing scene is flourishing with many new names and tastes out for try and most of them are going back to basics and sticking to the old-fashioned brewing process.

One such place is the Royal Albert Hotel which has stood still since 1927 serving a huge selection of craft beers and several ciders—on tap, in bottles, and on an old-school hand pump. Another must-try is the 4 Pines brewery which overlooks the shores and famous Norfolk pine trees of Manly Beach – have a beer with a view!


Urban art capital | Ultimate Sydney Tour Guide
Sydney is home to many public and private art galleries with various shows constantly on display. However, if you don’t fancy going to the artistic meccas like Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), the Art Gallery of NSW, the multi-arts center of Carriageworks or newest places on the scene like the White Rabbit Gallery and NG Art Gallery – then just hit the streets. Sydney in itself is a piece of art and you can find many murals and installations scattered throughout the city streets.

Nature all around | Ultimate Sydney Tour Guide
Australia is famed for its unique flora and fauna and Sydney is no different. You can find many beautiful green areas in the city, from the iconic parks – Hyde Park – which contains around 580 mature exotic and native trees including the historic central avenue of Hill’s Figs, to the Royal Botanic Gardens – an oasis of 30 hectares in the heart of the city.

If you don’t mind going on a field trip, then you should definitely check out the magnificent Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area – one of Australia’s most spectacular natural parks – for the best bushwalking and hiking tours.


Beach extravaganza | Ultimate Sydney Tour Guide
Of course, no visit to Sydney is complete without the ultimate Sydneysiders’ activities: chilling on the beach and sup (for those of you unfamiliar to the surfing slang – it stands for stand up paddle boards). Out of the 100 beaches located throughout Sydney approximately 70 of them are ideal surfing sites and all of them have beautiful clear waters and cozy sandy beaches. Besides the popular tourist beach Bondi, you should consider visiting Tamarama, Freshwater, Manly and Long Reef beach.

I hope you have a clearer picture of your travel itinerary, so mark these spots onto your maps, pack your bags and head on down to the wonderful land of kangaroos and eucalyptus. You will never want to go back home.


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