The irreplaceable spirit of Cuba | 5 must-do’s

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If you are, like me, passionate about the places wrapped into rich historical ambient, tropical landscapes and exotic rhythms, then Cuba may be the realization of your dreams. I was lucky enough to visit this irresistible Caribbean Island, which was actually my dreamy destination since I was a teenager, and the main impression which stuck in my mind is its authentic and cheerful spirit. Apart from opportunity to meet unique musicality and dancing passion present among local people, wandering through the land of historical landmarks, mangroves and unrealistic coastal beauties definitely became my lifetime experience from the moment I arrived on Cuba with my two friends. Although I was enjoying Cuba last year, my impressions are still fresh and probably unforgettable, so these are my warmest recommendations for everyone who’s planning to visit this miraculous island:


Fall in love with Havana
Since I landed here, this was the first touch of Cuba I’ve experienced, so I immediately fall in love with gorgeous colonial architecture, colourful rustic streets, old –spirited cars and dozens of smiling faces. Havana is a city where even observing of colourful locals becomes fascinating, but places such as Habana Vieja (Old Havana) and The Plaza de la Revolucion simply must be seen while here. The spirit of old colonial times, Cuban history at its best, original ruins and stone streets are just unavoidable at Habana Vieja, while The Plaza de la Revolucion presents imposing city square and memorial. Thanks to various political gatherings and Fidel Castro speech, the square exudes great historical value and it’s definitely worth a visit. I would greatly recommend experiencing a total view of Havana from the Camera Obscura and visiting adorable Hemingway’s house.


Try street dancing
For me Cuba was always synonym for dancing, but I had a chance to feel the real magic of Cuban dance while visiting Callejon de Hamel, where dozens of Cubans spontaneously dance in the irresistible rhythm of rumba. The atmosphere is captivating, so it’s completely unavoidable to jump into the crowd and start moving like real Cuban. A priceless feeling!


Enjoy the tastes of street food
Streets crowded with dozens of stands, baskets and small kiosks selling aromatic and tasty delicacies create scenery which truly fascinated me. Exotic coconut pie with fresh coconut pieces is probably the sweatiest and the most fragrant food I’ve tried, while crispy pastries filled with soft guava jam became my favourite Cuban dessert. Street food choices seem endless and offer unique chance for comprehensive culinary vacations during which you definitely must try Cuban pizzas or a pork burger with pineapple, pan con chorizo (sandwich with spicy chorizo sausage) and delicious balls of mashed potatoes and grounded meat known as papa rellena.


Walk through the past in Trinidad de Cuba
Magnificent colonial palaces and old houses nested near the beaches of Trinidad de Cuba made me feel like I’m wandering through the 18th century. This rustic ambient became even more glamorous when I spotted pale blue seawaters and white sandy beaches, which were so inviting, I couldn’t resist spending hours laying on the sun and diving across the blue vastness.

Go to the Museum of Revolution
Museums and historical monuments are everywhere in Cuba, but I was pretty curious about visiting the Museum of Revolution, which offers exploration of fascinating facts related to intriguing Cuban political occasions occurred through the past. It’s placed within an imposing building which used to be a presidential palace, and it’s excellent for everyone who’s interested in Cuba’s revolutionary history.

Cuba is where Hemingway found its safe haven and inspiration, and I discovered the art of rolling Cuban cigars, mind blowing historical wealth, the rhythms of rumba, the pleasure of drinking original Mojitos and the friendliest people in the world. So, there’s no doubt. Cuba is unique and irreplaceable!


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