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Fantastic Food, what a great topic to write about concidering there are 21.000 New York Restaurants. In this city food and drinks are one of the most important pursuits. It’s all about food, all day, every day and all the food is fantastic. I can’t remember a bad food experience so far.

New York restaurants | joe2

Real New Yorkers
As said, New Yorkers love food, but they don’t neseccarily like cooking. Some New York homes even don’t have a kitchen. Going out for diner, order in or picking up take-a-way is normal. From this point of view, I (actually) don’t belong to the real New Yorkers yet. I have a kitchen, I’m buying my own groceries, and I love cooking. You can find me in our kitchen at least 4 times a week.

Going out for dinner
I have to be honest though; I love going out for dinner as well. There is a strong temptation and a huge offer of restaurants. I’m going out for diner at least 2 times a week. And then I’n not including all the outdoor breakfasts, brunches and lunches in the weekend. Oh and I’m also addicted to wine bars. As a result, I’m spending all my money on food & drinks and it’s a big challenge to stay in form. But it’s an unforgettable experience to visit all the great NYC restaurants so I enjoy it as much as I can. I’ve probably seen more restaurants in the past two years in NYC than I’ve ever seen in Holland;)

So much choice
Besides working on The NYC Notebook, it’s my job to plan and organize our weekly dinners. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it;) I always try to visit 2 or 3 hotspots a week and considering there are 21.000 places to choose from… it’s a lot of work.
Tip | Always make a reservation for dinner and weekend brunches.

I can imagine you feel a little lost trying to find the best places in the city. So let me help you out with some recommendations. I’ve already shared my favorite asian restaurants, but there’s so much more!

New York restaurants | Joe

#Joe Coffee | New York Restaurants
Coffee roaster and retailer. Passionately devoted to the craft of coffee. This cute, laid-back coffee shop is one of my favorites. So happy to have Joe at the corner of my street. Their coffee is the best.
West Village – 141 Waverly Place

New York restaurants | Laduree

#Ladurée | New York Restaurants
The French macaron specialist since 1862, with a magnificent high tea menu and lots of sweets. Perfect for a brunch on Saturday / Sunday.
SoHo – 398 W Broadway (incl. garden seats)

New York restaurants | aira

#Aria Wine Bar | New York Restaurants
From the skilled hands of Chef Roberto Passon of Terra, Briciola and Cotenna.
A cozy West Village hotspot serving wines and delicious tapas. After spending my whole Sunday afternoon at Aria, I wanted to try the other wine bars of Chef Roberto Passon as well. They are all serving fantastic food and great wines.
West Village – 117 Perry St

New York restaurants | ABC Cocina

#ABC Cocina | New York Restaurants
ABC Cocina with Jean-Georges, Phil Suarez and ABC Carpet & Home. Latin American fusion in a glam space. Their new special; lamb belly, harissa, lemon and mint tacos. It’s amazing.
Flatiron – 38 E 19th St

So many restaurants and they’re all serving fantastic food. The staff is great and the entourage even better. If you’re interested in other recommendations you can always contact me via
Eat, Drink, Sleep, Repeat, my new motto after 2,5 year in New York City.


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