New York City Luxury

New York is an expensive city.  To give you some examples; New Yorkers pay at least $4000 for a studio apartment, more than $15 for a glass of wine and to top it all of the average NYwoman spends thousands of dollars on fashion every year. This has made the big apple a little fashion heaven, home to a big range of exceptional haute couture which of course is gonna cost you… To be fair, the big spenders in New York also make more money than your average Joe. The capital of the world is a global hub of international business and commerce. It’s all about money, everywhere. And why should you keep it all on the bank if you could enjoy the city that never sleeps? Curious what a luxury New York City life looks like? I’ll give you some examples;

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New York City Luxury is; Cabs and Limousines
It doesn’t matter where you are in the city, you can always grab a cab. 24/7. And believe me, you’ll get used to it. Last week I did some shopping at Trader Joe’s (big supermarket). When I walked out with 2 heavy bags I decided to grab a cab and skip the 10 blocks walk with my big bags #dontjudge. If a cab is not could enough anymore, you can always travel by limousines. It’ll be like you in a Gossip Girl episode and they are very popular. So why not order one on your special night out to a fancy restaurant, lounge or club. Guaranteed superstar vibes!

New York City Luxury is; Drycleaners
One of my first questions when I entered my new apartment was; ‘where is the washer?’ It was a strange feeling that I had to bring my laundry to a dry cleaner once a week instead of doing it myself. But you know what? It’s the ultimate feeling of luxury. Dropping of your clothes and getting them back in perfect shape. It’s going to be some getting used to if I get back to Holland.

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New York City Luxury is; Wine & Dine
There are over 21.000 restaurants in the city, so why bother getting behind the stove yourself;) I’ve visited almost 200 restaurants, and whether the they are small or big, chic or simple, service is always great. New York restaurants take good care of you, but everything has a price. Which you’ll figure out when they hand you the check. It’s not just the insanely expensive alcohol prices that stand out, you are expected to  tip of at least 20%…

New York City Luxury is; The Doorman
Your luxury life starts at when entering of your apartment. You might know the doorman inviting you in at the chip hotels of the world. In New York however, it is quite standard to have a doorman at the entrance of an apartmentbuilding. All day and night there is somebody to let you in and out. Quite a luxury, but again, this comes at a price. The days around Christmas are well known as the kick-off of the tipping season. It is very much appreciated ánd common to tip your doorman approximately 25% of the monthly rent you pay! Quite the Merry Christmas.

When I moved to this city, I couldn’t imagine I was going to pay so much money for this New York City life. After a while I realized that I had accepted this lifestyle quietly and I’m now paying a lot of dollars for fashion, groceries, wine, cabs, restaurants, flowers and my apartment. But, I can tell you as a real New Yorker, it’s worth it! The Big Apple is my hometown and I love it!


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