Midsummer the Swedish way

I’m still recovering from the celebrations of last weekend;) But I dragged myself out of bed to tell you all about this typical Scandinavian holiday. Midsummer, celebrated on the longest day (21st of June) is the highlights of the year for us Swedes. So let me tell you a little more about this tradition.

[vimeo 57062110 w=620 h=348]

The video above will really give you a quick and fun explanation of the crazy activities going on that day. The Scandinavian Midsummer celebrations defer slightly from country to country and have a pre-Christian origin. It’s celebrated on the longest day when the sun never fully sets. A réál full day of party! But how to celebrate Midsummer?


  1. Countryside. First of all, stay out of the city. Midsummer is celebrated in nature! Make sure you rent a nice cottage in the countryside and enjoy the hyped atmosphere and pre-party fun.
  2. Flowers. Make your own flower garland out of the wild flowers or order one from the florist this is a must wear for midsummer.
  3. Lunch. Everything is tradition, also the food. For lunch we eat ‘sill’, pickled herring in all kinds of variations with boiled ‘fresh potato’ served with dille, butter and ”knäckebröd”. Ofcourse there are other treats on the table aswell but let’s stick to the main stuff today.
  4. Dinner. Dinner consists of leftovers from lunch with some bbq food. Easy right;)
  5. Booze. During lunch ánd diner we drink snaps and beer. All washed down with a song;) This drinking continues as long as you can handle. Just make sure you don’t end up falling asleep before the sun goes down. Oh wait… it never does!
  6. Dancing. No party without some dancing! Between lunch and diner it;s time for the dance around the ‘maypole’. Don’t be shocked by this. It might come of completely mental;) We jump like frogs (yes, thats called dancing here) around a pole covered in flowers. I have to admit we look pretty crazy going at it, but its traditions and so much fun! After diner the party continues for as long as you want.

So if you plan on joining the party next year follow these steps and you’ll fit right in. Oh and don’t forget to practice the Snaps-song. I have the translated version here for you;)

”I LIKE THE SNAPS” (Melodi : Over the mountains)
I like the snaps , and the snaps likes me,
thrilling as only a snaps can be.
I want to drink the real elite:
I drink the aquavit.

Over the mountains , over the sea,
thousands of snapses are waiting for me.
Please go to hell with the juice and tea,
snaps is the drink for me!

See you in Sweden next year?


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  • Ellen schreef:

    OMG! I think I met you a couple of months ago on a Norwegian flight between AMS and STO? We both commute often between our homecountries and country of residence (if not, then sorry!). Either way, Midsummer is also one of my favourites, together with cozy December

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