GL2T 2.0 We are LIVE!

GL2T nieuwe site

GirlsLove2Travel 2.0 
Jiehaaa! Our new website is LIVE!
We’ve been looking so forward to this moment! For months we’ve been working very hard on this project. It was time for a change. Because how happy we were -when we started GirlsLove2Travel last year- with our website, it suddenly didn’t feel right anymore.

The next step 
It’s like that thing you can have with your favourite coat… A year later you suddenly feel it’s not so cool anymore. Due to the steps we have made with GirlsLove2Travel our website did’t fit anymore. It was time for a next step. A new phase. Ready for many more adventures! Yesterday we’ve been working all night to get it done. But even now, after the launch, it’s still work in progress. So if you stumble upon some things that do not run smooth please let us know.

We are super excited and proud of the result and we hope you feel the same:)

Fieke, Manon & Vi


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