Walter Benedict | Den Haag

This restaurant has been high on my priority list for a while. I could not wait for Walter Benedict to open its doors in the chic Denneweg last month. It is so nice to have this hotspot just round the corner. I felt that there was something missing among the fancy boutiques, specialty shops and restaurants. Something young and fresh. Well, it’s there now! A place great for coffee, lunch and dinner.


What to expect?
The interior is cosy, warm and bistro chic. The community table invites you to start your day here, with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. The brick wall and the large Persian rug under the community table give the restaurant a hip vibe.  It is comfortably light inside and the patio is nice and cosy. The guests are young and unlike the ones in other restaurants in Denneweg they are not too posh;). Walter Benedict has mixed industrial and bistro styling in a very special way so that it suits every part of the day. Besides having breakfast, lunch or dinner you can also have a drink at the bar or at the pub tables.




What to order?
From eight o’clock in the morning you can order good coffee, fresh orange juice and croissants. The lunch card has a fine selection of salads and baguettes. In the evening you can have a platter of very good charcuterie, all sorts of cheeses and bread. You can also choose one of the French well-known dishes: steak tartare, cote de boeuf and you can even order lobster. Oh, and the French fries, they are to die for!



Denneweg 69A, 2514 CE Den Haag