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Remember back in the days? When your computer would make all these funny noises to get online. When you’d get home from school and go straight on to MSN to chat with the friends you’d just saw. When you’re phone was in black and white and snake was the most exciting thing on there. Oh, how things have changed. Smartphones, amazing photo quality and Google. Where would we be without Google?! Are you stuck, don’t know where to go or what to do? Don’t worry, just ask Google. And thats exactly what I did in Rome last week.



Google knows best
I already knew Google knows about everything, but what was new to me is that it can be such a great tool whilst traveling. In Rome I was sent off with nothing but a brand new Samsung and an Italian SIM to complete a number of assignments. We crossed around town in an electric car, ordered coffee in fluent Italian and discovered the history of each and every building just by asking.



#What building is this?
Imagine standing on a square in front of this beautiful building -very likely to happen in Rome- but not having a clue what building it is. No problem, just grab your phone, ask Google ‘What building is this’ and you’ll get a complete history lesson in just a few seconds. We’ll never need guided tours, following a man with an umbrella around with 300 others.

#How do I get to the Colosseum?
You probably know Google Maps. Is there anyone reading this, that actually uses the app the iPhone offers? The beauty of using Google Maps on an android device is that you only have to tell Google where you want to go. The phone does the rest! Just remember to speak up. We were unsure about the pronunciation of a square so Google got confused and instead started talking about “Beyoncé’s pregnancy ‘…

#I would like an espresso, please.
I followed a few Spanish lessons, my French is ok-ish, English is great and in Germany I sound like Van Gaal. But Italian… no idea where to begin! When given the challenge to order coffee in Italian, I had to get some help from Google Translate. After that I sounded like a true blonde Italian. Or you know, I got what I ordered;)


Apps and traveling 
Smartphones and their apps have made traveling so much easies. Homesick? Just go on Skype. Looking for a place to eat? TripAdvisor knows. A place to sleep? Airbnb is the best. Meet new people? Apps like Tinder might help (although I think this one is mainly used for other things…). Now all we need is endless data abroad;)

How do you use your phone while traveling? Always online or do you leave your phone in the hotel room?


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