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Tonight we are leaving for a trip to Austria! Yes I’m saying ‘we’ because my love and our dog Rio are travelling with me:) I’m super excited! It’s been such a long time since I travelled by a car instead of a plane and Rio normally never travels with me.

Our home during this trip is a wooden chalet in the mountains of Wörgl-Boden. In the middle of nature, so cute. The plan is to go hiking in the mountains. A real outdoor holiday! I love the peace and quietness of the mountains, the fresh air, the views and I love the wild nature.

Outdoor gear for dogs
Because Rio is joining us on this trip I dived into the world of outdoor gear for dogs. I mean, we’re not going on a hiking adventure unprepared, so why should he?

Rio koelvest - 1 (1)
#Cooling vest
A must-have for hot summer days. A dog get’s to hot easily and it’s hard for them to loose that warmth. A cooling vest absorbs cold water and stays wet for hours. A nice cooling down for your furry friend.
#Foldable bowl
Ideal during long hikes. It’s light weight and you can fold it up to a little package. It fits perfectly in Rio’s backpack.
Rio schoenen
I never thought about this, but the footpads of a dog are very sensitive. Walking on rough surfaces can be hard for them. It causes cuts in their footpads and that is really painful. So shoes are an essential when you’re hiking through te mountains with your dog. They look like mini-sneakers, super cute! And you can also use them in winter to protect the footpads from road salt.
#Dog collar
Normally Rio wears a leather collar but I don’t want him to swim with that. A nylon collar is much better. It can get dirty and wet and if necessary you can just throw it in the washing machine:)

Rio backpack 2 - 1
#Harnas with backpacks
Dogs like to be helpful. They love to carry stuff for their owners. A harnas with backpacks on both sides is really handy. He can carry his own food and water:) And it even fits a blanket etc.

Practice makes perfect
It’s smart to let your dog practice with wearing the shoes, because they really don’t like it at first. Check this video I shot of Rio, it’s hilarious! He thought he couldn’t walk anymore:)

Good to know
In some countries particular breeds are not welcome. We also have to deal with that problem a bit, because Rio is an English Stafford. He is the sweetest dog ever, but in some countries his breed is on a list of ‘aggressive dogs’. Really sad, but there is nothing you can do about it. So it’s smart to find out first if your dog is welcome or not. Also check what the medical requirements are to take your dog to a different country.

We are so excited!!!


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  • Alice schreef:

    Niet vergeten zijn paspoort mee te nemen! En misschien ook handig om te weten, honden mogen niet los vervoerd worden in de auto in Duitsland en Oostenrijk. Ze moeten achter een hek of net zitten of anders in een speciale honden autogordel. Veel plezier!

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