Travel gadgets | 5 must-haves

When it comes to travel gadgets I’m a super nerd. The newest of the newest, it seriously makes me happy. In that respect, I’m a bit boyish :) Last week when my mom saw all the gadgets I was packing for Thailand she almost couldn’t stop laughing.

I even have special travel boxes in which I can arrange my stuff neatly. I labeled each plug and charger and rolled all the cables. Traveling without my iPhone is out of the question of course. I do pretty much everything with it. The list of gadgets that I always take with me on my trips is a pretty long one. But without these five must-haves I’m not going anywhere.


Especially if my love isn’t traveling with me I can’t do without this travel buddy. The GorillaPod tripod is the master under the tripods! The flexible legs are stable on any surface and you can even bend them around everything. Ideal to take pictures of yourself without having to ask other people all the time. And if you’re travelling together it’s super handy for romantic pictures as a couple.

#Wifi card
Before I had a wifi card I hardly used my camera anymore. The poor thing was laying in a corner because posting photos on Instagram or Facebook with it was a no go. Since I have the Eye-fi wifi card I my camera is back in business again. It’s a memory card with WiFi. The idea is simple. You take a picture, you connect the camera with your phone through the Wi-Fi network on your camera. Et voilà, you’re photos are copied to your phone.

While on the road I love to daydream while listening to my favourite songs. Sporting is also something I always do with music. The Skullcandy headphones design is super cute and the sound quality is awesome!

UE Boom

#Portable box
The first thing I do when I wake up is turn on some music. I simply can’t imagine a life without music, also not when I’m traveling. The UE Boom portable box has a easy to carry size and high quality sound. You connect it with your phone or laptop via bluetooth. It’s also suitable for hands free calling and an alarm clock:)

#Portable charger
So annoying if you want to take a picture or quickly want to send a message and your phone is empty. With this travel battery this problem is history. Simply connect it with a USB cable and your gadget is ready to go again. For charging your laptop or iPad, you need a slightly bigger battery.

What are your must-have travel gadgets?


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