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While the sunset colors the sky of this mesmerizing city, I step on the Star Ferry. Destination: the other side of the Hong Kong river for the ultimate view of the skyline. As the sky slowly changes into a vibrant deep purple, the lights of the skyscrapers go on and light the skyline of this impressive city. The ‘positive vibes’ are written in the sky. This is the city of tall buildings, where you walk from skyscraper to skyscraper through inner-bridges, where you find a Louis Vuitton or Chanel store in every mall, where you can eat the most delicious dim sum and where the lights shine bright even when it’s daytime. During our 48-hour stay (Hooray for the self chosen stop-overs of Cathay Pacific :) I discover that this lovely city and I are a match. Reason to share my favorite things to do in Hong Kong with you.

Enlighted Hong Kong
Before I start my favs, I want to give you some extra info about HK city. About 7.2 million people live here and that’s worth mentioning:) It’s about half the amount of our whole country (Netherlands). In one city! So, that means it’s busy, but is it annoying? Not at all if you ask me. Because everything is neatly arranged (and everyone follows the rules;) it all runs smoothly and there is so much to do. It’s the ideal city for a city trip!

Things to do in Hong Kong

ThingsToDoInHongKong7# Drink a cocktail @ Rooftopbar Riva
Let it be in your advantage that you’re in a city that has so many tall buildings that a rooftop visit seriously should be on top of your list. Riva is my favorite. It’s part of a hotel and therefor perfect. Here you won’t find hordes of tourists and can really enjoy a charmingly intimate terrace with drinks at a fair price (Hong Kong quota) and incredible views. Not at all weird when you consider that this hotel is on the edge of Victoria Park overlooking the harbor. Pure love:)

ThingsToDoInHongKong4# Visit a Park
Wherever you are, go to a park! It’s your free trial of local life:) Hong Kong park treats you to a Tai Chi garden that is truly zen and a bizarre combination of a beautifully landscaped pond surrounded by achitectual ‘skyscrapers’. Victoria Park has a awesome running track (for runners only) and on Sunday it is full of Malaysians who have diner together. Seriously recommended!

ThingsToDoInHongKong3# Ride to ‘The Peak’
The Peak is well known in this city. With a tram you go up the mountain where you can enjoy the view (and the silence;). Do not be fooled when buying a ticket, they try to sell you an expensive one that includes a viewing deck while the mountain is a great viewing deck itself. Save yourself the costs en spend those on a glass of wine at Riva:)

ThingsToDoInHongKong2# Take the Star ferry
The crossing takes only seven minutes, costs about 25 cents and takes you to a -how could it be otherwise- mall, overlooking the skyline of Hong Kong. The perfect place to just wander or to eat something on the boulevard.

ThingsToDoInHongKong5# Eat Dimsum
Hong Kong is dimsum heaven, so what are you waiting for? There is no single best place to crack it. My favorite: dim sum with shrimp in coconut sauce #yummm

ThingsToDoInHongKong6# Hang Out @ The Optimist
This place is from a passionate young Italian who went ‘all in’ to pursue his dream. He’s not in it for the money, this is where he lives for. You can see and taste it: classy and tasteful as you’d expect from an Italian :)

ThingsToDoInHongKong1# Shop till you drop
Hong Kong is designed to shop. Please bring a well-filled wallet along, because luxury brands have the upper hand … unless you settle for window shopping, then the sky is the limit;)

ThingsToDoInHongKong8# Stay at a Design Hotel
Sometimes you go to places where you are even surprised by your water bottle in the room. Park Lane is one such place. It’s fresh, it’s new, it’s artsy, it’s fun. The perfect place to get over your jetlag and explore this new world!

I love Hong Kong!
“Some cities light up after dark. Hong Kong shines bright, day and night.”



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