The Big American Shopping List

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My big US road trip in June is getting closer and I am getting more anxious and excited. My husband John’s already been to the USA, although it was a long time ago and he says it was one of the most exciting trips of his life… so, we’ve decided it’s time we went together and make it a real, traditional American experience.

For us Aussies adapting to different cultures and customs comes easy; despite what some people might think, no – we aren’t riding giraffes and kangaroos, but we also have cars and all other things that come as a part of modern day life, so going to the USA won’t be as big of a cultural shock I believe but it will definitely make for an adventure both John and I will be talking about for the years to come! So exciting!

Where are we planning to make a stop?
Our stops will be New York, Orlando, Austin, LA, San Francisco and Las Vegas. I am guessing that all those photos, travel books, documentaries and movies don’t even compare to the real life experience these wonderful cities have to offer. We are both excited that we’ll go, especially ‘cos we’ll make it a road trip devoid of the unnecessary expenses of staying in hotels, but rather – we’ll just rent a car and go around… make a stop at every place we want to see, and stay for as much as we like. What do we plan on seeing and doing in these cities? As far as my research goes, each of these cities has something wonderful to offer –

New York

New York
Apart from the typical Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park, Broadway and a Circle Line Sightseeing cruise, I’d personally love to see the Carrie Bradshaw street (I honestly don’t care if it’ll bore John, I’ll go to Wall Street for him) and go to Guggenheim Museum. After that, even though NY is incredibly expensive (or so I’ve heard), I’m planning to splurge a little bit of bling on the Fifth Avenue and Madison! I mean, can you really leave New York without a piece that will remind you of it? But really, I’ll try and find some great deals, since it’s the place for ultimate sales discounts on the planet! We are going to wine and dine at some of the restaurants we’ve read about, to experience the wonderful NY cuisine first hand. We were advised not to eat from street carts… why do you think that is?


Orlando, Florida
Harry Potter World here I come! Visiting this place is probably the most exciting thing ever! Maybe we’ll bump into J.K. Rowling there? Both John and I are such geeks when it comes to HP so I’m sure we’ll buy half the things we see there…. *guilty*. We are planning on making a stop at Universal Studios too, because can you really go to Orlando and not enjoy this crazy complex! So my shopping plan for Orlando will be based on Harry Potter gadgets and goodies. I already have my wand, maybe I’ll buy another one? I also hear their Key lime pie and Kumquat marmalade are divine, so I guess I know what we’ll be stuffing our faces with!

Austin, Texas
Austin lays claim to being the “live music capital of the world.” John especially wants to go to Austin as it’s, apparently, regarded home to Formula 1’s Circuit of the Americas raceway. I know nothing about that, obviously. We’ve heard Austin is big on events on daily basis, which is amazing. A friend went last year and told us about the food there, mentioning Franklin Barbeque and how people line up from the early morning to get a bite of this amazing meat… she’s talked about it for days. Ok, I think my mouth is watering. We’ll definitely go! Also, Austin has some major handmade leather fashion going on, and I’ve been dying to get some high quality handmade leather goods like an original cowboy hat and boots! I guess this is the perfect opportunity to do so!

Los Angeles
The hotbed of American celebrity life, gossip, movies and movie sets, the extravagant nightclubs and riches… I think I’ll die once I step foot there. What if I bump into a celebrity? Yes, I’ll definitely die. Kim K here I come! Shopping in LA is gonna be a true crazy experience. They have EVERYTHING from cheap to extravagant amazing clothes. I’ll check out some vintage shops, and most definitely go browsing at the craziest Halloween shops. I’ve always had an interest in film art and art in general, so I am going crazy at the thought of visiting Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Universal Studios Hollywood! Also, I’ll go to Griffith Observatory and The Getty Center while all John’s been raving about is California Science Center. It’s going to be long three days, definitely!


Las Vegas
We may be from Australia but we are definitely familiar with what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas mantra. We were planning on staying only three days in LV, so we’ll definitely spend a few dollars in famous LV casinos (but not too much), and try our US luck. What, you never know! Hear their helicopter tours and nature and wildlife tours are mean, so we’ll definitely try that, too!

I have such a great feeling about visiting the USA. Honestly, can’t wait!