SUPing in portugal

It took me blood, sweat and tears to reach the finish line. But I made it! During the race there was no doubt in my mind whether or not I would make it, but I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see a finish line. For a split second I even thought this triathlon was harder than running a marathon. It might make sense that I was prepared for a Monday and Tuesday with extreme sore muscles.

However, the morning after the triathlon I felt nothing! Or well. My shoulders were slightly stiff, but that’s not strange. They have been fighting a heavy battle with the sea. My fellow travel girls feel the same way (could we have worked harder;). Vi comes up with a brilliant idea; let’s go SUPing!

The sun was shining, we could use the exercise and we also have a bone to pick with the sea, so we are all up for it. With Annemerel as our photographer we jumped into the water. Again the waves were pretty strong. We all fall off our SUPboard at least once, but we’re having a great time and with our matching swimsuits we were looked super fly:) The perfect ending to a great weekend!


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