Semi de Paris | the downside of being a ‘fit girl’

I’ve been part of Girls Love 2 Run for 3,5 years and ran over 20 races with my partner in crime Francien. It was an amazing time, but the pressure could be nerve wrecking. “What if I don’t make it to the finish, everyone will know…” “What if I’m to slow to be credible…” Motivating yes, but nerve wrecking too.

No pressure
Last weekend I went to Paris for the Semi de Paris. There was no time pressure, no expectations. I was just running, for me and no one else. And it was amazing! I literally smiled for the full duration of the race. My sister behind me, my familie cheering for us and the amazing crowd made sure of that.

Of course there were nerves at the start. The healthy ones, where as soon as you exit the disgusting portable loo you have to get back in line again. But then the sun showed its face and all the nerves disappeared. The first few miles flew by and before we knew it, there were our parents. Cheering for us just before the half way point. After that, things got a little hard for 5 minutes. It was all mentaly though. Thoughts like “I’m not even half way yet” and ” what the hell am I doing” crossed my mind. One of the many drum bands got me out of it though and the smile was back on my face. And it stayed there for the duration of the race. Even the nasty little hills couldn’t change my mood. So when I crossed the finish line after 1.55 hours I was actually relaxed.

It made me realize two things. I love 2 run and being a fit girl is harder than it looks!


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