How pretty is Cape Town

It’s been almost a week and a half since I returned from Cape Town, and besides a short race recap I’ve shown you nothing. Where are my travel writer manners!? Let me make it up to you by sharing a full photo report of my way to wonderful trip. A trip that initially was all about the race and raising money for the Run4Schools foundation, but turned out to be so much more.

Cape Town is a place where you just can’t get enough of.  There is so much to discover, to see and to taste.  The ideal way to get to know Cape Town is by simply renting a car and hitting the road. Surprise yourself. Like we did on our first day. After driving over the insanely beautiful Chapmans Peak, we were looking out on a beach when we heard music. Eventually we ended up in a hidden bungalow park (calling it a bungalow park does no justice to the place at all…), Monkey Valley, where we enjoyed great wine, cheese and music, while overlooking the sea. The city is full of this kind of surprises. And that makes it so good. Discover a great beach after two random surfers tell us it’s the place to be, order all desserts of the menu in Jonkershuis while enjoying their delicious wines, eat steak tartare while in the background the sun is dropping in the ocean , spend a whole afternoon on the beach to see the same sun disappear in the sea again. You know what, just have a look at the photo’s…


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All photos taken by the talented Joyce Bongers

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