Photo diary | Jordan, promised land

Oh what have I been looking forward to this moment! Traveling to Magic Jordan. The land of endless deserts, the twinkling stars in the sky, Bedouin and camels … the warm welcome, the dates, water pipes, delicious food, fragrant herbs and sugared sweets … The Land of the Dead Sea and the old cut-out-of-rocks city of Petra. The country that is so different from the Netherlands. So pretty different!

Wild sand dunes
Jordan is one of the ten most dry countries in the world. According to the stories Jesus is baptized here -on the border between Jordan and Israel-. And with its yellow sand dunes, rugged rock walls, priceless views and resorts that resemble tropical oasis, this is a place that looks nothing like what I previously visited. An excursion Valhalla. Did you know that Jordan was the scene of several “blockbuster” movies (Indiana Jones and Lawrence of Arabia to name two little ones;) Oh what I’ve been looking forward and finally I was there! What that looked like? Check this out … (my extended adventures are coming soon!)


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