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Ferraris and Maseratis are everywhere. Everything sparkles and the hotels are the dream of those craving for the luxurious life (the first/headerfoto is of my hotel The Palace for example #whow). This is the city of extremes. The old center vs. the giant skyline. The reveiling tourists vs. the covered women in burkas. The men in their newest suits vs. the Arabs in their traditional white robes. Those who only focus on the surface might see nothing but luxury in Dubai, but there is more. Much more. Because in addition to the bustling hotels, restaurants and malls, the design scene is booming and that creates a lively atmosphere. Meet designelicious Dubai!


East meets West
Dubai is a new city. Therefor it’s a melting pot of cultures. This is not only shown by the variety of people who live, work or visit Dubai, it’s also reflected in the architectural styles, interior design and art. Although Dubai belongs to Asia, it is not comparable to typical Asian cities like Bangkok. This is much more your ‘thousand and one nights’ story: sparkling clearly Arabic with a hyper modern twist. Ofcourse my tips and tricks of this design minded city follow next week. Today let me digitally take you to this beautiful city :)


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