Organic travel gear | 5 x must-haves for kids

Traveling is all about adventures and traveling with a little one makes those adventures probably even bigger. Is this a reason to stay at home? Hell no! With the right travel gear traveling with kids is a piece of cake. The ultimate luxury for parents;) Those who have children know: as ‘new-be parents’ you are the target of many brands because you want the best for your offspring $$$ ketjing $$$. Today we share a list of our favorite organic must-haves for your little traveler.

Favorite organic travel gear for kids

BabyTravelGear5#1 GreenTom
I love love love this stroller! It’s made entirely from recycled materials, in colors to die for and it’s a luxury vehicle for mini-you. This GreenTom is the greenest in the world and besides that it looks yummi. The valve protects that cute little face from the sun, there is a bag under the stroller for your stuff, he flips open and closes easily, weighs nothing and looks damn good in your summer holiday photos :)) Their mission is beautiful, “the development and production of 100% green products which make the world and the future of our children step by step a little greener. ”

Tip: Because you have to check it in, I’d put a travel bag around it to protect is for dirt on the baggage claim. I am so fond of my mint-green ride -which perfectly fits my summer outfits- I don’t want any stripe on it. No way Jose :)


# 2 Gundara Travel Bag
Who travels, needs a travel bag. Even for the little one. The offer on plastic-nylon-like bags is gigantic but rarely is there something with a good story and honest materials. Until you learn about Gundara. These fair trade leather bags come from countries like Afghanistan where locals work hard on the reconstruction of their country. And in this case they do so in the most traditional way. Gundara contributes with a beautiful mission.

This bag is handmade and of superb quality. No wheels, no plastic colors and -most important- no toxins. In fact, they sell much more than bags and by buying their products you also support locals and the future for this beautiful country. I’m in love (oh and did I mention that this ‘big boy’ easily carries diapers and clothes for a week;) and the older it gets, the more beautiful and softer it becomes (like wine and women actually;).


# 3 Me&miniMe arm/enkelbandje
Once your little adventurer can walk, you have to be sharp. Everything the world has to offer is new, so your little adventurer frolics always behind everything that draw his attention. A butterfly: hooray! A ball yayyy … and gone he is :) So while travelling, it’s extra nice to know that -If the little explorer is left behind while he’s investigating the world- he can be brought back to you with one call. Super easy, and extremely smart.


# 4 NAÏF
NAÏF is a care line for children. All made with natural oils and extracts such as avocado, macadamia and almond oil. How awesome is that! Because children’s skin is super sensitive, I have found Yale’s products more important than mine from the day he was born. No toxins on his soft skin was (and is) my mission. And with this brand it’s easy.

Nice to know: NAIF was developed by two ‘awesome Dutch daddies’. As they write on their website: “Like any parent we only want the best for our children and we discovered that when it comes to skin products it’s hard to know what’s really good and what is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing. That is why Naïf is serious about protecting babies and children from nasty chemicals.” Don’t you just love this…. Honest and therefore delicious :)


# 5 Ella’s Kitchen
Daddies do well is kids gear because at Ella’s Kitchen a dad has decided to make organic work as well. Health starts with what you eat and of course, besides being delicious, food has to be healthy and non-toxic. These products are ideal to take with you on a trip. Useful in the car, good to put in the freezer and squeeze fruit-ice-cream out and best of all, it’s 100% organic. There is no journey without Yale’s favorite smoothies :)

Do you have some awesome organic or smart travel gear tips for kids?

“The greatest gifts you can give your children, are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”


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