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I have a little confession to make, I love the Daily Mail. Shameless gossip, drama, bikini photos of celebrities and stars coming out of the airport like their on a red carpet. Seriously, how do they look that good? If after a 10 hour flight I’ve freed myself from the tiny chair, trying to find my suitcase wearing yoga pants I’m anything but glamorous. I know they fly 1st class, it’s their job to shine and yet I want to be like them. Stepping out of the plane all fresh and fashionable…

British Airways have done a little research (very scientific) into this phenomenon and created a list of the most fashionable celebs at the airport. It got me all excited and I know some of you might feel the same;) So without further ado: Here’s their top 5.

#1 Victoria Beckham
#2 Amal Clooney
#3 Kendall Jenner
#4 Angelina Jolie
#5 Gwen Stefani

Just click any of the names above and find yourself lost in all the photos. Enjoy;)


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