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Oh yes, the winter season is coming and I really can not wait to get back on my ski’s. As a real winterjunkie I love to race down the mountain, wind in my hair, goggles on and snow flakes that whirl past you. In that moment I’m the happiest girl in the world. I’ve been very privileged in experiencing many different ski resorts and these are my absolute favorites.

#1 Ski resort Hochkönig, Austria | Most beautiful ski resorts in the world
For the past 10 years this has been my home during Christmas. It is a lovely resort with many slopes and enough challenge for everyone. The area has of a good mix of easy and difficult slopes and an amazing day tour of 32 km, the famous König Tour. It’s also known for its culinary delights. Anything ranging from Steinbockalm appetizers with smoked salmon and the true Austrian Kaiserschmarren. Or a hot chocolate with Apfelstrudel of course.

  • Altitude: 800-2000 m
  • Slopes: 155 km

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#2 Ski resort Lenzerheide, Switzerland | Most beautiful ski resorts in the world
As a little girl I used to spend Christmas and New Year’s here in the snow. This ski resort is way more challenging than the previous one. It has some tough runs. Like the race track with a slope of 65% and in some places even steeper. It often happens that the valley is covered in clouds but up on the slopes it’s bright and sunny with phenomenal views. There are nice day tours and they’ve recently opened a gondola connecting the resort to Arosa, another diverse ski area.

  • Altitude ski area: 1230-2865 m
  • Slopes: 155 km

#3 Ski resort Cerro Catedral, San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina | Most beautiful ski resorts in the world
I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot as a kid. Some of those trips ment going on winter trips in summer holidays. I was never complaining, because skiing is really the best thing to do. One of those trips brought us to Argentina. One of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced. Hurtling down overlooking beautiful lakes and mountain tops. Challenging slopes and rocks around you, and almost no trees. It might be my all time favorite.

  • Altitude ski area: 1050-2100 m
  • Slopes: 120 km

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#4 Mt. Ruapehu, Whakapapa, New-Zealand | Most beautiful ski resorts in the world
Another one of those summer to winter trips has been to New Zealand. Where we went skiing on a volcano. Quite a unique experience. No green life around, no trees, just lava. It’s just completely empty around you. A very special way to glide down.

  • Altitude ski area: 2797 m
  • Slopes: 203 km

#5 Villarrica, Villarrica, Chile | Most beautiful ski resorts in the world
Last but not least, another vulcano. In Chile this time. When we rented our skis, we got the best gear ever and immediately our expectations went through the roof. When we got to the lifts though, we were surprised by some of the oldest in the history of lifts. The lift houses didn’t have any wiring and the chairlifts were the hardest and narrowst ever. When we came to the top however the snow and slopes did not disappoint and when we asked for an explanation afterwards it all started to make sense. Why build brand new lifts on a semi-active vulcano??

  • Altitude ski area: 2847 m
  • Slopes: 30 km

What is your favorite ski resort?


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