Ferry Newcastle – Amsterdam | 6 reasons why it’s a must-do

In the thirty-something years that I found myself happily dancing and investigating our planet, I had never done it: crossing to England by ferry. Why not? Beat me! This is in fact great, a completely new way of city tripping. You should (seriously, you should!) experience ​​it. Let me take you on a ferry adventure.

DFDS Seaways ferry to Newcastle
Het ship is about to leave when we park our packed car in front of the check-in erea. Who travels with a baby –Manon and I took our little happy camper Yale with us- finds herself suddenly heavily packed. My lack of planning for this trip made me forget Yale’s favourite tool resulting in an almost devastated boy #help #notsohappycamper. On board this is quickly. The stress disappears like snow in the sun, the movement of the sea creates a relaxed baby and after installing ourselves and our luggage in the cabins the exploration can begin :)


Floating village
As soon as we start exploring, we notice that this is not a little boat… its a ship! A size smaller than the ships of our cruise friends at MSC, but perfect for the short crossing: a lovely mini-cruise. At the end of the afternoon you get on board and the following morning –well rested- you’ll get off. On the ferry, you can shop, enjoy delicious cocktails (yes we did :) and dine a la carte. Hooray! Oh and all of this while you are surrounded by the most friendly crew. We found it really striking how everyone was genuinely excited.

6 Reasons Why traveling by ferry is a good idea

1) It is a city trip by it self – There is so much to see and to do, that time flies. You’re not waiting to arrive at your destination: this floating village is your destination!


2) Entertainment all around – enjoying a movie, hang out at the bar, gamble, it’s all possible. And if a band is too intense for you, a singer/songwriter loves to wrap you aroun d his finger with his surprisingly good voice. There really is something to do for everyone here.

3) Free as a bird – You hop on a ship, sipp your cocktail, walk around, hang over the railing and stare to the horizon. It is relaxed and casual. Everything is allowed, nothing is expected.

4) Good value for money – This is worth every cent. Especially when you look at your ferry adventure as a city trip of it’s own, and not merely as transportation. It struck me that a lot of travellers are not headed to Newcastle (or Amsterdam) but see arriving in those cities as icing on the cake while enjoying a fun cruise. They go off the ship for a day but sleep all night in their cabin.


5) A la carte Restaurant – You probably know it by now. We. Love. Food! The facts that a great restaurant -that is not just serving standard meals but lovely flavor combinations with matching wines- is on board, makes my heart jump up and down. We enjoyed yourselves with several courses while little Yale crawled around our table until he was tired and was ready to fall asleep:) lovely

6) Ideal for all ages – Yes, I’m mom and no, that does not mean I want to travel on a boat full of children or playgrounds. A good balance is a mustJ Without children you do not want to be surrounded with kids the whole time and with kids … you do not either actually lol (except for your own little one ofcourse, because that’s the cutest baby in the world:). As a parent your vacation starts when your little one is entertained. Another reason to go by ferry! Try to keep a little adventurer -who wants to explore every part of what’s around him- on your lap for ten hours. We were blogging, enjoying dinner or sipping cocktails while Yale happily crawled around us. Ideal!


Have you ever made the crossing to England ​​with a ferry?


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  • Ms. Jules schreef:

    Klinkt goed meiden! Lijkt me ook echt leuk om een keer te doen! Hoorde alleen wel dat het weer onderweg behoorlijk heftig kan zijn…ben niet zo’n held haha!

    • Viola schreef:

      Hey girl;) Op de heen weg was de zee een mak lammetje, op de terugweg was het veel ruiger inderdaad. Omdat ik in een auto al wagenziek word, heb ik bij de receptie een pilletje gehaald (gratis af te halen;) en quess what, ik heb nergens last van gehad! Bij deze geloof ik dus in zeeziek pilletjes en blijft de ferry een aanrader #Yay:) Lfs, Vi

  • denise schreef:

    Ik ga eind oktober! Hebben jullie nog leuke tips of dingen waarvan je zegt dit moet je echt meenemen aan boord of dit moet je aan boord echt doen?

  • Johnnie schreef:

    Ja, heerlijk! in de afgelopen jaren al 16 keer het reisje gemaakt, soms wel 3 keer per jaar.

  • limdy schreef:

    ik heb hem in december 2012 een keer gedaan was onwijs leuk. ondanks dat ik een angst heb voor varen en de zee ga ik a.s februari weer heb er helemaal zin in xx

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