Jesmond Dene Park | Newcastle

Thinking of English nature I get images of wavy hills, distant views and small medieval villages. And eventhough I haven’t seen that much of the country yet,  I dare to say that this is exactly what its like. Also in Newcastle, an actual city. Newcastle is greener than I thought, with the Tyne river dividing Newcastle and neighboring Gateshead, the nearby beaches and the countless parks. One park stands out in particular: Jesmond Dene.


Every morning I take Donna for a walk. And every morning I catch myself walking in the same direction. It’s quite a walk to get there, but it’s so so so worth it. You forget you’re in the city and not in a big forrest. The small creek, the hills closing of all city sounds and views, amazing. If you walk far enough, the park only gets better, like the small waterfall that surprised me during my first run and the trails if you go even deeper in.


What to expect.
A walk in Jesmond Dene is no ‘walk in the park’. To get there you need to concor steap stairs or hills and once inside the ups and downs continue. A nice butt and calve workout;) But what you’ll get in return for all that hard work is more than worth it.


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