Hotel Love | The Park Lane Hotel Hong Kong

While the door swings open, a man dressed in a smart-artsy outfit is greeting me: “Welcome to our hotel Miss. Enjoy your stay!” We step inside to find a wel designed hotel that clearly ‘stands out from the crowd’. No boring outfits, no marble columns, nor the usual golden details. Here the check-in area is made from giant digital screens that displays awesome contemporary art and the furniture in the lobby seems to come straight out of a design magazine. Big like! Meet The Park Lane Hotel Hong Kong.


A hotel with a message
When I do a little background check, I quickly discover that this hotel has had a complete make-over just two years ago. Smart because many hotels in Hong Kong have the same style. Exactly those features you see in the other hotels have been replaced by their more daring personality and that triggers your senses (it did with me anyways;). Not only does this reflects on the design, wherever they get the chance to interact or communicate with their guests they do. Little notes with messages are all over the place. With a blink if they get the chance. It made me smile.


So what’s so good about it?
Most of us keep a couple of things in mind when we are looking for a hotel. 1st: Is the location good? 2nd: What do they offer in addition to a decent bed? and 3rd: do they make your travel experience unforgettable by adding something special? This hotel checks all the boxes. Park Lane scores ten out of ten. Their coffee bar makes the best coffee in town (seriously!), the location next to Victoria park is perfect because it gives you the opportunity to do a lot by foot and do you want to go further, the subway is around the corner. Besides that, the views from the rooms are so extremely beautiful. Add to that their rooftop bar Riva and their restaurant (which will get a facelift to upcomming months) and you’ve found yourself the perfect place to stay if you ask me.


Our stay was simply beyond expectations. Despite the jetlag from our 2 year old happy camper.


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