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As soon as we enter our treehouse, I’m surprised. While we pour a glass of New Zealand wine -the gorgeous road trip to Pauanui and this stunning resort deserve a toast- we don’t hear anything nor anyone. No cars, no voices, nothing. The only signs of life are singing birds and rustling leaves. Until… our little boy disturbs this peaceful moment because he want’s to join our toast and in order to help us a little, he already found the wine glasses * oops * Cheers to hidden sanctuary Grand Mercure Puka Park Resort!


Mixing luxury with local design and nature
When you arrive at Puka Park, through the lush nature you simply don’t see the houses. An amazing result when you realize there are about fifty of them spread over the property. Wonderful because it feels like you have the area all for yourself. And that comes with inner peace if you ask me. Combine this with their design -that celebrates the culture of the island and brings you closer nature- and it makes your stay simply perfect.


Culinary treats
I have this habbit. When I’m abroad I always ask locals about their favorite restaurant in the area. They know best I reckon. So every time I ask it here, I keep getting the same answer: Puka Park is the place to be. It seems we don’t have to go far;) Actually breakfast already gave it away. The chef prepares a personal dish for all costumers that shows the abilities of the kitchen. It’s looks stunning and tastes yummy! Add to that the breathtaking view and the possibility of extensive a la carte dining in and you have everything you need at hand.


So what so good about it?
The feeling that you are staying in a treehouse which is remote in nature is absolutely priceless. The many windows in the house make you realize you’re in nature even more. With the beach just around the corner, plenty of hiking trails and only little commerce in this area (no big chains, only a few restaurants, a bakery, supermarket and two shops) makes it the ideal place to really relax and take some time for yourself (yes, even when you have kids;). When you combine this with the wonderful personal approach of the staff -whom think of everything for you- you realize this is a match made in heaven. Right here, amid nature, I found back my peace of mind. What an amazing stay!

“I took a walk in the woods, and came out taller than the trees.”


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  • Sapphire schreef:

    I somehow stumbled across your blog while doing a Google search of Les Jardin Des Antipodes in Menton, France, which one of your writers did helpx work at.

    Funny that this post came up on your home page as I used to live in Tairua, the small village across from Pauanui. We celebrated my mums birthday here last year – totally feeling home sick now!

    You have taken some really beautiful photos of the lodge… think I might have to book a stay there sometime soon!


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