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When the glass doors open, an beautiful fireplace with comfy seating invites me to sit down and relax. We’ve arrived! I resist the temptation and that is almost immediately rewarded. Two steps further I witness one of the best views imaginable. A gigantic lake with stunning mountains greet me. Everything here says ‘enjoy life to the fullest’. Time for some wine and an introduction to a hotel that makes you feel like you’re in a luxury hotel in Aspen. Meet Hotel St Moritz in Queenstown, New Zealand. What a wonderful place!

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It’s all about the details
Hotel St. Moritz is a boutique hotel. You can tell it by their hospitality and personal touch. Perfect for a romantic stay and a carefree holiday. They know all their guests by name, the team is young and full of smiles, you’ll find the best welcome gift for your little one on his/her pillow (if you have one;) and they defiantly don’t forget you either. I loved loved looooved their ‘What women want’ box in the bathroom. With face scrub, hand cream, foot care and more. I knew I was absolutely in the right place when i found little violets (my nickname) on the homemade cake for breakfast. Such a pleasure!

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So what’s so good about it?
A whole lot of things! Let’s start with the location and the view. St Moritz is situated on a hill and has such perfect views, ideal for guests but also perfect for a romantic dinner or a glass of ‘wine with a view’. Want to go to the center of Queenstown, this is literally a four minute walk. Perfect! And that’s not all. The rooms are spacious, well let’s call ‘m large actually and the design is as beautiful as the lobby, bar and restaurant. This same restaurant makes delightful dishes, a classy breakfast and weekly has awesome deals. We ate their home-made pizzas -full with fresh ingredients, created in their own pizza oven- for only 12 euros and that in such a setting with such a view. What a dream place!

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I’m really impressed with everything this place has to offer. What a love!


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