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If I could live in a hotel, I would. Picture falling asleep between crisp, clean white sheets and waking up with a fantastic breakfast buffet. Who would say no to that? Every month I’ll share my favorite hotels in the world. From amazing resorts in Vietnam to the favorite hotel in my own city. I. Love. Hotels.

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The Hotel
Hidden Hotel is, the name says it all, a hidden gem in the heart of Paris. Near the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysees, but just hidden away in a small street  so you have no idea you’re actually in the center of Paris. Once you step inside the lobby, you do not even know that you are in Paris at all. A relaxing and zen vibe overtakes you immediately. The materials and colors in the hotel are all natural; wooden tables in the breakfast room to stone walls and floors.


The Room
The room is made up out of the same natural materials. I slept like a princess on my coco-mat bed and when my alarm went off at 9:00 I wanted to stay and cocoon some more. So I did;) By ordering breakfast in bed. Warm croissants, tea, coffee and fresh fruit with yogurt, over the topluxury. The only thing missing s an HBO / movie channel on the TV, one of my guilty pleasures is to wake up with a b-movie movie/serie before I start my day in the city.

The Neighborhood
Shopaholic and looking for a place to stay in Paris? If you’re staying in Hotel Hidden, walk a few minutes to the Champs-Elysees where all are major brands are. Window-shop at Celine and Louboutin or go sale shopping at the massive Nike or Adidas stores. Personally, I was particularly happy with the Kusmi store, a shop packed with my favorite tea. You can also enjoy a cup of tea with divine sweets on the second floor.

Are you a foodie by heart? Near Hotel Hidden you’ll find restaurant Le Hide, an amazing French bistrot where my favorite wine (Pouilly-Fume) is served. Make your reservation on time or accept a table late night.

Also want to stay at Hidden Hotel? Check the website for more information.


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