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I can still see myself standing in front of the temple in Chiang Khan. Staring at the monks kneel in front of a golden Buddha. They are wearing orange robes, their bald heads bowed while their mantra is buzzing in my ears. I just came from a river trip on the Mekong. And the ritual I got there, let me forget about my worries and leave them behind. And now I behold these men, suddenly the tears are rolling down my cheeks. I feel naked and vulnerable but also frees. So I let my tears go. Travel is a source of inspiration and I am grateful for these kind of intense moments.


Highlight Thailand: Waking up with the Monks
It is an ancient ritual of the Chang Khan community. At the rising of the sun. People in the villages give some white rice to the monks. That’s how these humble men gather their daily bread. They pray, bless the givers and bathe the street in serene silence. More reason to of course stand up at 05 o’clock (not my favorite time;) and start the day with the monks.


Who shares will get something back
It is part of Thai culture: the desire to share. So there is a schedule for the entire city so that everyone knows when it is their turn to greet the monks before dawn. Wicker baskets are filled to the brim with rice, decent clothing emerge and flower offerings are on the tables. With every monk passes there disappears a scoop of rice in the pot, the head is bowed, and there will be a blessing. And while I divide my rice over a hundred boys and men passing by, I realize how beautiful it is when we share with one another. Even if you need to represent at 05:00. I believe it really: Who shares will recover. Yes, traveling makes you richer (and to others as well).

“As you sow, so you reap.”


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