A roadtrip to Hamburg

Next month it’s already a year ago that I flew to Curacao. About time for a get-together with my lovely Curacao travel buddies. It turned out to be a #5GirlsCuracao reunion with a twist.

This time not a Caribbean island, but a city trip to Hamburg. And unfortunately Serena couldn’t join us, so Chantal, Jasmine, Henriette and I formed #4GirlsHamburg for this trip.

GirlsLove2Travel Hamburg roadtrip

On the road
With a luxurious and super comfy car we begin our road trip to adventure. The build-in camera makes reverse parking a piece of cake, lots of daylight inside thanks to the big panorama rooftop and the engine even has a turbo mode! Super cool features for a car freak like me:)

Due to heavy traffic the trip takes around two hours longer, but I hardly notice it. You know how it works, a bunch of girls together is non-stop fun:)

GirlsLove2Travel Hamburg girls

Hamburg is hot
At a distance of only 4,5 hours driving Hamburg is perfect for a weekend getaway. Though it’s still a bit a neglected city in Germany. Most people automatically choose Berlin. Large international companies such as Adobe and Google already discovered Hamburg long ago. Also many creative businesses and hundreds of PR agencies are based here. And with a port of 80km2 Hamburg gained a spot in the top 10 of the largest container ports in the world.

GirlsLove2Travel Hamburg art2

St. Pauli
We stayed in the Motel One hotel that is located right next to the Alter Elbpark. Perfect for starting the day with a run. Only a few steps away from the hotel is St.Pauli district. This neigbourhood has developed enormously in the last few years. It’s hip without being too hipster if you know what I mean:)

The vibe in the streets is raw with lots of graffiti and street art. It sometimes even has an eighties punk/squatters vibe. The locals are no fans of large commercial chains, so you won’t find those stores here. St. Pauli is the place to be for vintage shopping, craft shops and strolling around second hand markets.

GirlsLove2Travel Hamburg art

The whole weekend we spent mainly in and around this district, being surprised by the hidden courtyards and the street with beautiful lyrics.

The Market Strasse in the Karolinenviertel district is -besides St.Pauli- a walhalla for shopping lovers. Again no big chain stores, but many boutiques and vintage shops. Normally unaffordable designer sunglasses suddenly have a friendly price. And if you can’t resist the Zara and H&M just walk a few blocks further to the Neustadt.

GirlsLove2Travel Hamburg food

The Schulterblattstrasse -in the neighborhood Sternchanze- is packed with restaurants and coffee bars. At Sessanta Due I ate the most amazing pizza with a crispy bottom and the best parma ham. Restaurant Kraweel feels like a cozy living room. Their salad with warm goat cheese is an absolute must have! And the shrimp salad at Hate Harry looks like an edible piece of art.

GirlsLove2Travel Hamburg nightlife


At Heavens Nest you can drink cocktails with a great view. The sounds of the DJ beats and the city lights complete the picture. The Katz bar is a good spot to get in the mood for dancing. And after that you can dance the night away at Rosi Bar.

Drinking starts very early in Hamburg. And it’s actually quite normal for people to be drinking on the streets. People literally sit in groups on the streets drinking a beer. #cheers

Oh and keep in mind that all the shops are closed on Sundays. Perfect to explore one of the 120 city parks:)


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