Go Toscane | ‘Foodcation’ with kids

When I think off Italian food, my mouth seriously starts watering. Melon covered with prossciuto, anti-pasti, home made pasta and of course the delicious ice-cream and wines. Bring it on! Enjoying you stretched brunch. lunch or diner is just a teeny bit harder with a little one. We often end up by our selve at the table why the other chases our son:) There has to be a solution, we figured. So I packed my two men and our million bags to fly to a special place in Tuscany. It’s fully equipped for kids, so ‘mom and dad’ can have some time to relax a little and enjoy. Sounds like paradise to me!


Camping Village
“Do you think you are ‘the type’ for this kind of vacation?” a campmate asks us. I hear myself say “To be honest, not really” as I point to Maarten. “He is an experienced camper.” I explain “In fact, he is already talking about the ‘rough men weekends’ when Yale (1,5 now) turns six. The term “Camping Village’ was not immediately received with a loud cheer”. More reason to put prejudices a side and discover it ourselves I realize. Are we a match or not?


Let’s be real
On our last day of the trip Maarten is ready to share his verdict with me: “Let’s be real. Yes, it’s gigantic. This village can host about 4500 people in the high season and yes there are a lot of children and Dutch people here. But I get it. I understand why people take their kids here”.


Goooooooooooo Eurocamp!
During the week our opinion changed. Why? The area is beautiful, our cottage was a bit hidden in the greens, next to every restaurant (there were four) you find a playground, the wineshop (where we spend a lot of time with the amazing owner) is next to an arcade, the pools are full of soft anti-slip rubber for the little ones and for the bigger kids (and dads #truestory) you find rapids and slides. In other words, your little one will never have a dull moment, is safe and makes some new friends. So ‘mom and dad’ have time to drink that wine, eat that anti-pasti and seriously enjoy the Tuscan view. Scooooooooore!


This trip is amazing!
Kids have this thing for climbing and exploring with the result that something is demolished. Most of the time it is an accident but the disapproving looks most of the time makes parents want to rather stay at home. If they even manage to break something, then there is no one who really cares about it. And if your little one managed to escape dinner, one of the waiters will help him to make it a festive mess. I love this mindset!


Tips for the ultimate Tuscan Foodcation’

On ‘Foodcation’ with a little one can be a relaxing holiday thanks to these kind of places. And if you are in Tuscany you wouldn’t want to miss these food tips:

Tip 1: In Tuscany there are a lot of castles where you can taste some amazing wines. For about 4 euro’s you get 3/4 small tasting glasses.

Tip 2: You are surrounded by olive trees and they make really tasty bright yellow olive oil from that. Which you can taste.

Tip 3: Road Tripping is a fantastic way to explore the rolling hills and come just past the prettiest villages. #meteenhuurautoziejemeer

Tip 4: “In a side road you often get the best adventures”. The winding roads which have many side paths at the beginning signs stand with “Lunch” or “Wine tasting” We stumbled on this way about the finest places. #SuperTip




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