London. The city where Christmas lasts two months, they understand that you can buy presents for yourself (‘Is this a gift, ma’am?’ ‘No it’s for me, thanks.’ ‘Ah, then I’ll wrap it for you.’), afternoon tea is a real treat and the shopping is literally endless. It’s the ultimate destination for any woman. A good reason to immerse myself in everything this city has to offer. I’m ready for you, London!

A girl’s guide to London
Within 3.5 hours, I’m stepping off the train from my hometown of Newcastle at King’s Cross and wandering into the city. There are people, taxis and buses everywhere and I’m surrounded by every language you can think of. A real world city, which I have a whole weekend to explore. Love it! But of course I have a mission – I’m on the hunt for the best spots around the city. Because, with Christmas just around the corner, there’s every excuse to treat yourself. READ MORE on hunkemö