Generator Hostels coming to Amsterdam

I really enjoy a little luxury and privacy while traveling, but sometimes I like make an exception. In Thailand for example, where I stayed at a few different hostels, and also in Copenhagen where I was introduced to this amazing concept; Generator Hostels. This chain is in every major European city, so when me, Manon en Vi went to London last week, we knew where to go.

Genarator hostels

Generator Hostels
What makes this hostel so great, you ask? The focus is on the experience and they have this amazing eye for detail. The design is really contemporary, surprising with a twist and full of ideas to implement in your own home, yet you don’t pay extra like you would in design hotels. The locations are all very central, always walking distance from the city centre. And most importantly, the nights are never boring. Every Generator Hostel bar is a hotspot in it’s own. There’s live music, DJ’s, great inexpensive cocktails and a fun twist. In Copenhagen for example, they’ve build a petanque area, where locals mix with guests.

What to expect
Of course it still is a hostel. So we were definitely not the youngest guests and you should not be surprised when a drunk teenagers bangs on your door in the middle of the night asking if you know where his room is. The hostels offers anything between 10 people dorms down to private rooms with bathrooms. That’s the great thing about this concept. There’s something for everyone. It’s a great way to enjoy cheap(er) citytrips and you’re guaranteed to have a great evening at the bar.

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Coming to Amsterdam
The best part of it all? They’re coming to Amsterdam! Early 2016 their latest hostel is opening in Oosterpark! We were lucky enough to get a little peek at the plans and it looks promising. Expect a new hotspot for parties, working and handsome backpackers.

Oh and if you’re looking for an awesome job in the hospitality industry, Generator Hostel Amsterdam is hiring. And as can be expected the procedure is not very traditional. Next Thursday they organize a big ‘recruitment party’. So are you the one they are looking for? Sign up, join the party, talk to the right people and you might find yourself a job…


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