Vegan & meat bij Saints & Sinners in Hamburg

The vegan lifestyle is hot. More and more people quit eating meat and vegan bloggers have thousands of followers. I also try to cut the amount of animal products I eat. The documentary “Cowspiracy” has contributed significantly to that. As a huge animal lover’s cruelty to animals in factory farming truly hurts my heart. And as a traveler at heart I often worried about the massive environmental pollution caused by the same industry. I’m not ready (yet) for a complete vegan lifestyle, but a little variety won’t hurt.foodoracle saints & sinners vegan meat
Vegan vs Meat
Eating out with a mix of vegan and meat lovings friends is often a difficult thing. Because you don’t have any options, it’s either one or the other. But why do we always put people in boxes? This already happens so much in the world. It’s much more fun to enjoy eating out together without having to let go of your beliefs or force them to someone else.
foodoracle Saints & Sinners
Restaurant Saints & Sinners in Hamburg
The cool chef Chrisch Rott from Hamburg noticed exactly the same issue. His mission: connect people with different lifestyles. And so his restaurant Saints & Sinners was born. A cool new concept in my favorite district of Hamburg; St. Pauli’s. Finally a restaurant where people can eat what they want. Sounds awesome right?
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While the ‘saints’ feast on a vegan meal, the ‘sinners’ enjoy their juicy piece of organic meat. That’s dining as it should be! No one has to make concessions. And vegans don’t have to worry that their food will be in contact with products they don’t want to eat.  The chefs of Saints & Sinners make sure everything is neatly separated, prepared from each other.

For reservations at Saints & Sinners click here.

My life is quite irregular. At a late one, I have little appetite to even hang from the kitchen princess. So foodora isn’t a stranger to me:) What I love about foodora is that they only deliver food from quality restaurants. Fast food is out of the question. And they deliver everything by bike!

Restaurant Saints & Sinners is part of a series mini-documentaries named foodora. This documentaries -named foodoracles– shot in 11 different European cities tells the story behind the food that people can order online. De coming weeks we will show you a few of these special stories. You can check them yourself at
foodoracle Saints & Sinners
Hamburg is hot!
With only a 4,5 hour drive from Amsterdam, Hamburg is the perfect destination for a city trip or a weekend getaway. Due to a bunch of creatives living there, it is a breeding ground for new concepts and trends. What I really like about this city, is that its cool, raw and industrial. Hamburg is hot, but without being too hipster. Particularly the district of St. Pauli’s you find a lot of street art, vintage and craft shops. And if you want to shop in the known large chain stores can also just in the Neustadt.

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