Earth day | Sustainable traveling

Why we love to travel? I think almost every travel lover will give you the same answer. Because the world is just so insanely beautiful. It really is just one big bucket list. But all that traveling leaves a big mark on the environment, I know its contradicting… Since today is Earth Day, it seemed like a good time to look into the world of sustainable travel.

#Research | Sustainable traveling
A little research on your next destination can make a world of difference. Compare travel agencies and their environmental track record and look into what the country or region does with keeping people and the environment safe. You’ll see that there are more environmental friendly options then you’d expect.

#Go Local | Sustainable traveling
This one (actually all of them) also counts at home. By shopping locally as much as possible you contribute big time. No transport emissions, while you support the local economy and get super fresh product while you’re at it.

# Don’t spill | sustainable traveling
Look, it’s always pointless to let the tap run, but there are areas in the world where it can have massive impact. So it’s good to be aware of that. And that goes for things like electricity too.

#get Local / public transport | sustainable traveling
It’s often “the further, the better ‘, while there is so much to see closer to home. Which means you don’t have to get on a plane (major polluter). Choosing a bus or train trip is much more sustainable. And you get to explore along the way.

#The Little things | sustainable traveling
There are plenty of small things that help too. Reusing your towel at the hotel for example, or how about taking along your own shampoo bottle. That little one-use bottles result in stacks of plastic (seriously, I had never thought of that). Oh, and take your own water bottle with you, so you do not have to buy plastic ones. Some bottles even have a built-in filter.

In the meanwhile I’m in a train heading to London for a weekend of marathon madness (cheering, not running;).


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