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The city of Stavanger is such a beautiful place. They offer you amazing food adventures and we all know that Scandinavian design is hotter than hot. Therefor it’s not a surprise that this hotel offers you -where ever you look- a great sense of style: graffiti, pop art, giant photo-walls and catchy quotes, it all makes my heart jump up and down. Meet THE Design Hotel of Stavanger: Comfort Hotel Square.

Travel in style
Traveling is exciting. A constant discovery of new things that stimulates all your senses. Not only the city itself, even hotels are increasingly being transformed into hotspots. Do not get me wrong, I sleep wonderfully in a hostel, a Bedouin tent or in a ‘gold plated made out of marble’ 5-star hotel. Still, I feel like a little kid in a candy store when my “home away from home ‘ is a design hotel. It’s fun!

DesignHOtelStavanger6Street art in your bedroom
From the moment you enter Comfort Hotel Square until you put your suitcase in your room, you see bold graphics and cool murals. The lift, lobbies, large walls, everything is designed in a fun, colorful and creative way. The rooms too are create without being restless (because he, we want to sleep as well;). A bright pink design chair, a reading area, a cozy bed and a bathroom that -if you feel like it- has a see-through wall. Not interested in a roommate checking you out? (toilet visit for example,) just slide a wall of flowers in front of the large window et voila. Smart and good looking!

DesignHotelStavanger5Pop-art breakfast
The breakfast location not only looks cool, they make the finest dishes with beautiful products. Fresh salads, fresh bread, my favorite: muesli with cups of nuts, seeds and dried fruits aside. Everything to prepare you for your day of city strolling or fjords exploring. Want to take some food with you for the day? No problem! For a reasonable price you can buy a bag and fill it with your favs:)


So what’s to love about it?
Well, what’s not to love about actually:) The whole ambiance, the great and healthy breakfast, the fun hotel team, the gym (if wanted), and a rooftop terrace that offers you views over the harbor (with a roof where grass grows :). Oh, and who ever thinks that you need to win the lottery to afford a place like this, the prices are great (I’ve made the calculation for you since it’s in Krones: 83,60 for two persons per night)!

What’s the coolest hotel you’ve ever been?


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