The 10 best restaurants on Ibiza

It’s over. I’ve spent almost a full month on Ibiza, but now it’s time to go back to reality. Man, it was good… And not just because of the guaranteed sunshine, the warm see breeze and the beautiful beaches. The food played a large part as well. I’ve discovered some amazing restaurants on Ibiza and kind as I am, I’m going to share my favorites with you.


Sunset Ashram
Definitely number 1. This really is my favorite place. Go there a little early, find a good spot on the beach, bring your own bottle of wine and enjoy an amazing sunset before you head into the restaurant. Sunset Ashram is located on the rocks next to a small beach and offers some amazing views. This usually means that the food is rubbish. Not here. Their steak with foie is the best I’ve ever had, the mussels are amazing, the tuna mega pretty and the gin-tonics simply too good. If you have some energy left after this foodfest, get out on the dance floor and dance the night away with the real hippy crowd.


Nothing can compare to an evening at Lio. It’s a night like no other. Throughout the night there’s entertainment ranging from singing to dancing and striptease. All jaw dropping good and contagiously fun. After a few glasses of wine you’ll be one your feet most of the night and if the party keeps on going long enough you’ll end up dancing on the table. The food is really expensive, but if you can spare it, it will definitely be worth it. Oh and don’t forget to make a reservation – like 3 months in advance…

Amante beachclub

Amante Beach Club
Ibiza is packed with trendy beach clubs. Amante might be one of them, but it’s a little different. Smaller, at a spot between the rocks and with a really nice atmosphere. Soak up the sun and the cocktails in the afternoon and enjoy a great dinner at night. The menu is full of great stuff like fresh fish and good salads.


La paloma
I’ve told you all about this place already, but obviously it had to be in this list as well. Lovely place, no fuss and with excellent food. Oh and the white wine with elderflower is a must!

es Xarcu

Es Xarcu
My first night in Ibiza was spend here. You’re almost dining in the sea, giving instant holiday vibes. We ordered one of the best bottles of white wine on earth, a rioja with so much flavor that I ordered a box of internet straight after. The giant sea bass grilled in salt was amazing and the mussels and prawns truly delicious. Oh, I’ve had so much fish on Ibiza…


As you may know, us travel girls love some sushi. Even on Ibiza there’s no way to avoid it. Fortunately, there Bambuddha. A delicious fusion menu with good sushi, but also tasty black cod and (my favorite) peking duck with pancakes. The restaurant is very big, but nicely decorated and trendy.

The funny thing is that the best restaurant on Ibiza are a little bit hidden. They are not necessarily found on the busy spots, but more in area’s where you can only come by car. Like Nagai, another must for sushi lovers. Nagai has a great fusion kitchen and probably the best sushi on the island. The restaurant is a traditional finca with a large garden giving the place a truly relax vibe.  Oh and they deliver too!

El pirata

El Pirata
Spending a day on a boat is pure luxury. Sailing from bay to bay, occasionally jumping  off the boat to cool down and watching a beautiful sunset. What a life. Of course, even on a boat you need food and so we got of to have lunch at El Pirata on Formentera. We enjoyed sea bass in salt (again, I know) and had a big pile of paella. I can really guarantee you this place is good. How? Because yesterday, while I was scrolling through my guilty pleasure -the Daily mail (don’t judge)- I saw Mariah Carey getting of her billion dollar yacht and entering the exact same restaurant. If this diva’s there, how can it be wrong? Just saying…

Beso Beach
Another, possibly even better, restaurant on Formentera is Beso Beach. Again we arrived by boat and again the menu was filled with favorites like grilled whole fish, paella and of course burata. A large bottle of rose and a group of friends around you makes this a lunch that might just go on all day. And after, when you set foot on the beach again feeling a little tipsy, the world just feels a little bit like heaven. Really, trust me…

sa Finca

Sa Finca
Ibiza is great and all, but it’s not good for your bankaccount. Fortunately, there are some really great places to eat that won’t cost you a fortune. Like Sa Finca. Not trendy at all, but with a view to die for and the nicest owners. They make the most amazing mussels gratin and their menu is full of exotic meats. After some asking around we we’re told this was due to a scarcity of beef a view years ago. They went looking for alternatives and never said goodbye to the kangaroo, bison and ostrich after.

So tell me, did I miss any? And which one is now on top of your list?


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  • Roberta schreef:


    I hope you are doing well. I am getting in touch with you to let you know that the Amante team is opening a new beach restaurant in the north of Ibiza (Cala Nova Bay) called Aiyanna. You can find more info on our website , Facebook page, and Instagram

    Aiyanna promises panoramic views across the Mediterranean sea, wooden decked terraces, a dining space inspired by modern design and nature, delicious food and a warm welcome to everyone. As well as a restaurant, Aiyanna will also host weddings and events and a unique blend of design and understated barefoot chic together with a commitment to quality.

    As you have previously wrote about Amante Ibiza on your website, we were wondering if you would be interested in doing the same with Aiyanna.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks!

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