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Cape Town has stolen my heart. Surrounded by mountains, sea and nature, serving the finest wines and delicious food. But that’s not the reason I’m her for the second time in a year. As you might know, I’m here for the Two Oceans Marathon. Combining travel with sports is a great way to discover the world and Cape Town is a great example. Surfing, triathlons or marathons, it’s all here. I’ve made a sportive selection for you.

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# Run the Two oceans (what else…)
The most beautiful marathon in the world, or at least thats what they say. And I can vouch for it. The route of the Ultra marathon (56km) includes Chapman’s Peak, the most photogenic part of the city. If 56km is too much for you (I hear ya) there’s a half marathon as well, which is really really really beautiful. For traillovers there’s also a 10km and a 20 km trail run towards Table Mountain. 20km trail might take you up to 4 hours, but they say it’s worth it….

# Mountain bike through Koeberg nature reserve
Combining sports with sightseeing is not only time effective but also a great way to spent the day. The Koeberg nature reserve is situated around a nuclear power plant, but surprisingly houses all kinds of wild life. The mountainbike trail allows you to discover it in a different way. Cycling through hordes of zebras and springboks is a whole new experience. Be sure to bring your passport, or you will not be allowed pass the gate. Trust me, I know…


# (Kite)Surf/Sup the ocean
Cape Town is surfers paradise. Especially for kite surfers. If I’m being honest this is not my strong suit, but you’re never to old to learn. For now I’ll stick to SUPping. Unfortunately the wind has been too strong, so I haven’t had the chance to climb up my board. Oh and don’t expect to get a nice tan while working your ass. The water is &% ^ @ # cold, so you’ll need to cover up in a wetsuit.

Since my first time in Portugal, I am looking for a nice retry. I think Cape Town might be appropriate. In about three weeks there organize an Iron Man. 3km swim, 190km bike and 42km run. Just because, why not… Fortunately, there are also half and quarter distances. For the sane people among us;)


# Go on the Cape Town Cycle tour
It is the largest timed cycle tour in the world and a massive event here in Cape Town. 109km cycling with over 35,000 contestants. Going through the Cape of Good Hope, Table Mountain Park and Chapmans Peek, you’ll enjoy some of the nicest views the world has to offer. On my bucket list…

# Andere sportieve juweeltjes in Zuid-Afrika
Even outside Cape Town many great events are being organized. Like the Comrades in Durban. An ultra-marathon of 89 km (peanuts). An open water swim event in Midmar Dam, the Midmar Mile, with over 14,000 participants. And a really popular Iron Man in Port Elizabeth.

So would you travel the world for an active adventure? Or do you prefer beach holidays.

PS: Never been to S.A., don’t not panic! You can win! Tell me your south African bucket list gems and you might win a dream trip. #goforit


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  • Margriet schreef:

    Rennen kan ik niet, maar fietsen wel. Die mountainbike tour door Koeberg, dat lijkt me wel wat. Een volgend bezoek aan Kaapstad zien wij er wel van komen, dus: bedankt voor deze tip!

    • Fieke schreef:

      Die fietstour door Kaapstad schijnt ook helemaal geweldig te zijn. Een prachtige route. Helemaal wat voor jou denk ik:) x

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