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If you’ve ever been to the Philippines you’re probably just as madly in love with this amazing country as I am. The beautiful people with their loving smile, nature with all the shades of green, villages that have never seen a tourist and deserted beaches. LIKE LIKE LIKE
And when we landed in Cadlao resort in El Nido on Palawan Island, it certainly seemed as if we were in paradise!

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Cadlao resort
El Nido has many backpacker style accommodations. I was traveling with my boyfriend so we wanted that little bit more luxury with a touch of romance. But without paying a shit load of money. That’s exactly what Cadlao resort has to offer. It lies just outside El Nido on a beautiful and quiet stretch of beach, overlooking the uninhabited island Cadlao. At low tide swimming isn’t an option because of all the coral, but then you just take a dive into the pool for some cooling down.

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The small resort is like a tropical jungle garden where 2-under-one-roof bungalows are nestled amongst lush vegetation. All bungalows have a veranda where you can chill and have views of the sea. The interior of the bungalows is simple but neat. Everything you need; a good bed, nice shower and a sitting area.

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Food heaven
The restaurant of Cadlao restort is fantastic! No complicated dishes, but the ‘less is more’ principle . It’s all fresh and prepared with love. The beautiful view of the sea with the huge limestone rocks is what you get for free :) My fav lunch; avocado salad with homemade spring rolls and a spicy sauce. Hmmm!!


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2 Reacties

  • Renate schreef:

    Klinkt geweldig! Ik ga samen met mijn vriend begin januari naar de Filipijnen. Waar heb jij dit plekje gevonden en geboekt?
    Mag ik vragen wat het kostte per nacht?
    Dank! Renate

    • Manon schreef:

      Wat een heerlijk vooruitzicht! Beetje jaloers;) Ik heb deze accommodatie rechtstreeks via hun website geboekt. In het artikel zit een link naar de website. De prijs weet ik niet meer to be honest. Wat ik sowieso zou doen is ze eerst mailen en vragen of er korting mogelijk is. Succes!

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