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I have a little hippy hiding inside who wants to change to world. Who gets hit by news bulletins, lies awake trying to come up with solutions and who’s looking for a ways to inspire more compassion towards others. But this little hippy has never actually set anything in motion. The problems of the world feel so immensely big that I can only imagine how massive the solution should be. Bullshit of course and my hero Brandon Stanton, a.k.a mister Humans of New York is living prove of that.

Modern day super hero
Six months ago I wrote an ode to this modern day super hero. And now he’s proven his title. Again. On his trip to Pakistan he met another super hero. This lady is trying to end bonded labour, while risking her own life every single day. He felt inspired and wanted to give her more power to create her version of a better world. And so he raised over 2 million dollar. 2 million! Just by sharing her story and offering her a platform. I’m amazed and proud. Want to read the whole story? Go her: post 123456 & 7


Photo by Brandon Stanton

Now it’s time for him to leave Pakistan and he ends his time there with words that you just have to read. They show exactly how our world works and what’s the problem with our view on it. 99,99% of the world is good, thing is, we only hear the bad…

“Imagine that every time you have a lapse in judgment, it gets printed in newspapers around the world: every time you lose patience with your children, every time you scream at someone in traffic, every time you drink too much and do something you regret. Each time you slip up, everyone hears about it. The world is never notified about the 99.99% of the time that you are a completely normal, productive, law-abiding citizen. The world only learns about you when things go wrong. Now imagine what the world would think of you.

It’s not that terrorism, patriarchy, and violence aren’t real problems in Pakistan. They exist and the country is battling these issues every single day. Pakistanis are very much aware of the extremism in their midst. The problem is that so many people seem to only be aware of that extremism. Because just as in the hypothetical example above—the other 99.99% of life just doesn’t make the news. When there’s only room in the newspaper for a single column about Pakistan, it’s going to be filled with the most compelling story. And unfortunately, that tends to be the most violent story.

And those are important stories. Those are the types of stories that expose corruption, stop genocide, and alert the world to emerging threats. It’s right for those stories to be told. But when those stories are all that we hear, it’s so easy to imagine a world that’s far scarier than it really is. You lose sight of the 99.99% of the world that’s not scary at all. And living in fear can be a dangerous thing. Because if we’re afraid of each other, we’ll never be able to work together to solve our common problems.” (SOURCE)

One person with the ability to change our world. That should be more than enough for a Nobel Peace prize if you ask me.


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