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Have you ever been a tourist in your own town? I didn’t. Until last week. Together with my love and our Rio we stayed at boutique hotel The Neighbour’s Magnolia Hotel in our hometown Amsterdam. Armed with handluggage we walked through the Rembrandtpark and the Vondelpark to the hotel. Fun!

Neighbour's Magnolia

Living room hotel
The hotel feels like coming home. There is no standard lobby. No, here the ‘living room’ is the main area. The tasteful interior has fine corners where you can enjoy a glass of wine, there are breakfast tables, a reading table and a bar that also serves as a kitchen. Thomas, the manager of the hotel, welcomes us with a delicious cocktail and joins us for a chat.

Neighbours Magnolia Rio2

Bring your doggie
Unfortunately hotels where you can stay with your dog are rare. So for us it was party XL that we were allowed to bring Rio :) At the checkin he gets a bowl of water and a doggie package. Filled with dog candy, tasty knuckles and poop bags (always useful) to make his stay as comfortable as possible. Hotel Dog Bleecker is not there to say hi to Rio, but of course that didn’t spoil the fun:)

Neighbour's Magnolia2

Creative design
The interieur of the hotel is exactly as how I picture my dream house. Vintage and HAY furniture (LOVE it). The soft colours of the interior are a perfect match. The owners put lots of attention and love in it, and that’s exactly what you see and feel.

Neighbours Magnolia Rio1

Our room is spacious with a large roof terrace and a bathroom! Nice detail: the rooms have no wardrobes. Which you obviously do not need if your citytrippin’. Rio finds himself a nice spot on the bed with stuffed dog Sparky. BFFs for life :)

Neighbour's Magnolia3jpg

Inspire Canvases
Together with the start of the Amsterdam Light Festival, the hotel has launched their the ‘inspirational canvases concept. This is a creative initiative by artists Micah Kessel and Tristan Hupe. They are known for Sherlocked – The Amsterdam Escape Room. Lying in your bed with a laser pen light you can create a piece of art on the canvas at the ceiling. Guaranteed fun in bed :) After a few minutes for your drawing disappears and you can start again. Using a laser pen is not that easy btw. I’m not exactly good in drawing, so I couldn’t do much better than a strange shaped heart. LOL

Neighbours Magnolia interieur5

So what’s to love about it?
You don’t feel you’re in a hotel. This is your home-away-from-home. But with the service you can expect of a hotel. Just like at home you can grab your own drinks and snacks from the bar. You pay for it with when you checkout. Overlooking the garden you can enjoy the diverse breakfast buffet. The location in Old South, a few minutes walk from the center, is great. If you’re looking for a nice place to eat, you don’t have to go to the city center. In the area around the hotel there are plenty good options.

#Tip: If you’re staying here in March, the magnolia in the backyard is in bloom. According to Thomas it’s an amazing conversation piece!


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  • Anouk schreef:

    Het is heerlijk om weg te kunnen doezelen met een boek in de lobby als het als huiskamer voelt. Althans, zo ervaar ik dat vaak ;-)! Even een uurtje bijkomen van het wandelen en daarna weer verder. Wat een fijn plekje lijkt me dit! Ik zie wel enige overeenkomsten (ook qua design) met het townhoue designhotel in Maastricht!

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