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When Frie-Vit asked me to take part in their bootcamp survival detox on Ameland I didn’t even had to think. I’M IN! Traveling is the best thing there is. The only minor detail is that it’s sometimes difficult to combine with a healthy lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, dinning in the restaurants with delicious wines is something I LOVE doing. But a cup of goat yogurt and flax seed etc isn’t an option then of course.

The detox is a 14 day course including 3 days bootcamp survival workouts on the beautiful island Ameland in the WestCord Noordsee Hotel. Working out and only drinking juices is crazy of course. So during this detox it’s allowed to eat. Organic, no meat, no chemical substances, no salt, no sugar, etc. In addition there are a number of supplements you have to take a few times a day.

If I was hungry? Not for a second! In fact, I ate quite a lot and it was delicious. Our Chef Taco cooked one after another fabulous dish. Next week I’ll tell you all about the detoxing, but for now a sneak peak of some of the amazing things I’ve eaten.

Bon appétit!


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# Salad of wholegrain rice, pumpkin seeds, granaatappelpittjes, spring onion, tomato, feta cheese etc.
Frie-vit bootcamp detoxweekend17

# Rice waffles with goat cheese and sprouts.
Frie-vit bootcamp detoxweekend13

# Smoothie: kale, coconut, avocado, banana and green tea.
Frie-vit bootcamp detoxweekend11

# Goat yogurt curd, roasted nuts, dried cranberries, chia seed, oats and hemp seed.
Frie-vit bootcamp detoxweekend10

# A cute vegetable garden with guacamole.
Frie-vit bootcamp detoxweekend09

# Healthy croquette: meatball nasi with tempeh breaded in coconut and almonds. Fried in coconut oil.
Frie-vit bootcamp detoxweekend07

# Super healthy smoothies but I’ve forgotten what’s in it :)
Frie-vit bootcamp detoxweekend06

# Zucchini pancakes, grilled romaine lettuce and watermelon with tzatziki.
Frie-vit bootcamp detoxweekend04

 Chef Taco I miss you! My homemade green juice this morning by far wasn’t as good as yours…

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  • Taina schreef:

    Wat een foodinspiratie! Het lijkt me erg interessant om mee te doen aan een survival detox weekend. Weet alleen niet of ik iedereen kan bij bijbenen met de workouts.

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