Bangkok highlights in 1 day

If I have to describe Bangkok I think the best thing to say is that it’s an organised chaos. It’s noisy, packed with people and traffic and it can be stinky. It gives me some sort of termite village feeling. Bizarre crowded and super humid. My upper lip and nose were non-stop sweating #NOTsexy But Bangkok is definitely a must see. You fly to Bangkok anyways so why not make a mini city trip out of it? Check out my Bangkok highlights in one day.

Bangkok highlights in 1 dag14# The temples of Wat Pho
Most tourists go to the temple complex of the Grand Palace. It’s a beautiful place but super crowed, its crazy. The temples of Wat Pho are just as impressive and much less crowded. What Pho is famous for its giant gold leaf covered reclining Buddha of 46 meters long and 15 meters high. Be aware, because the road to the complex you are continuously approached by Thais who tell you that it is Boeddha day and the temples are closed, but they can make a special price for you. Ignore it, it’s just a trick to get your money.

Bangkok highlights in 1 dag05# The khlong boats
Forget the ridiculous crowded ferries. You’re packed together like cattle and get an instant headache from the stinky motor gasses. Take a traditional khlong boat to cruise through Bangkok on the Chao Phraya River. You can use these longtail boats as a taxi. It is a kind of hop-on-hop-off principle. While cruising on the river you get a good impression on how the Thais live in Bangkok. The weathered wooden houses on the river side look as if they can collapse any minute. Very impressive to see.

Bangkok highlights in 1 BTS# The BTS skytrain
The fastest and most comfortable way to get around Bangkok is the BTS Skytrain. The skytrain consists of two lines, the Sukhumvit Line and the Silom line. It is the ideal way to see a lot of the city in no time. Don’t forget to bring a jacket because the air conditioning is freezing:)

Bangkok highlights in 1 dag03
# Rooftop bar Octave
Cocktails with a breathtaking view overlooking the city is perfect at you at Octave on the 49th (!) floor. If you set foot on the floor the first thing you notice is that building is actually moving! OMG! I would leave my killer heals at home if I were you. I’m not a hero when it comes to heights so it took me 2 drinks before I dared to look over the edge and enjoy the view:) Ones your over it you can dance the night away at high altitude on the funky beats of the DJ.

Bangkok highlights in 1 dag02
# Mani & pedi
You can’t go home without a mani & pedi you really should not go home. You almost trip over the amount of salons in Bangkok. Don’t just walk inside a salon,  there is a huge difference in quality. Make sure they have comfortable chairs and a real foot bath. There are many salons where the wash your feet in some kind of bucket. Treat yourself to a treatment the night before getting on the airplane home. Your hands and feet feel as soft as baby’s skin and your nails look brand new. In salon Nails Plus the girls are super professional. And even after 4 weeks my nails were still pretty in pink:)

If you still have some time left check out one of the many giant shopping malls. After you’re done with shopping you can treat yourself to a delicious meal in one of the many restaurants. Enjoy!


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